Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

There are two options to earning the master of science mechanical engineering (MSME) degree:

  1. Thesis option: This degree option is intended primarily for students who wish to conduct research and expand mechanical engineering knowledge. A thesis is required. (This is the only degree option for which graduate assistantships are available).
  2. Non-thesis option: This degree option is intended primarily for the professional working engineer who wants advanced technical courses, including the possibility of benefiting from completing an advanced engineering project.


Regardless of the option selected, a student must complete a graduate course in advanced mathematics (e.g. MATH 5311) or Analysis, or equivalent, approved by the Graduate Coordinator. In a total of twenty-seven hours, at least eighteen hours (including the thesis or project) must be from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and within the major areas; and at most nine hours may be from an approved list of courses taken outside the department, college, or university. The Department of Mechanical Engineering has identified three major areas which include all the courses allowed for students pursuing the MSME degree. These areas include:

  • Thermo-fluids and heat
  • Material Science and Mechanics
  • Mechanical Systems and Control

Any combination of courses from these areas is allowed for MSME students. However, three courses from one major area would constitute a certificate, and three certificates would fulfill the MSME degree requirements. A project course and an internship course can be taken by permission of the Graduate Coordinator and the Department Chair and would count towards the MSME degree. To graduate, students must earn at least a 3.0 grade point average on all coursework used for the graduate degree.