Military and Veterans Success Center

Military and Veterans Education Benefits

Supporting Documents may be submitted and are accepted

Fall from July 1st-to the last day of the Fall semester

Spring from November 1st- to the last day of the Spring semester

Summer from April 1st-to the last day of the Summer semester

Documentation submitted before these dates will not be accepted will have to be resubmitted after the correct date to be accepted/processed.

First you must apply to the university

Undergrad-online thru the following website


After you have been accepted

Set up your student email

Get your student ID number

Fill out the correct survey to request being added to the MVSC canvas page

  APRIL 1st is the earliest date people will be added to the CANVAS Page.  You may fill out the request at this time but only to get the checklist.

CH30/31/33/35/1606 Survey and Canvas Signup and Checklist Request 

Hazlewood Survey and Canvas Signup and Checklist Request

The survey will send an email to

Your student email with a checklist of all the required supporting documents

The MVSC email

Telling us exactly what

Specific benefit you are wanting to use

Type of student you are

(veteran/active duty/spouse/adopted child/birth child/step child)

Requesting we add you to the to the MVSC Canvas class

Once we receive the email we will

Add you to the MVSC canvas page

Assign you the correct supporting documents

Instruction Webpages/Link to each Supporting Document

Grade the documents Pass or Fail (correct/incorrect)

Message you when you have submitted the all documents correctly

Once all the correct supporting documents are accepted you will have to submit a session request for each session each semester

Note-all supporting documents must be uploaded as PDF attachments.  Except the degree plan, which may be uploaded as a PDF, WORD or EXCEL document.

Required to be opened, reviewed, accepted, and printed so they can be placed in your file.

Hazlewood-will have to submit continuation supporting documents each FALL.



 If you email us with questions please include your full name, student ID number, benefit(s) you are using, and the type of student you are (veteran/active duty/spouse/adopted child/birth child/step child) so that we have the information we need to be able to answer your questions



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