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Military and Veterans Education Benefit Session Request-Complete 1 Request for Each Session

Read and Acknowledge Instructions to Continue to the Request

Updated 10/14/2019

The /Session Request Form (Formerly Enrollment Certification Request) is for all Veteran Benefits,  VA, Hazlewood, and T/A.


It is through Qualtrix and will give you options and based on your answers limit your choices. It will only allow you to list your @patriots.uttyler.edu or  @uttyler.edu email address  You will receive a copy of your certification to your UT Tyler student email once you submit your request along with benefit specific processing information. It requires your classes to be listed in the format department-number-section ie- ABCD 1234-001 look closely on your my UT Tyler account for the full 11 digit class number.  This is to help us get correct information and prevent you from having to resubmit your request.  One request per each session.

Incorrect classes, sessions, multiple sessions will not be processed.  You will have to resubmit your request(s) correctly and it/they will be processed in the order the correct and resubmitted request are received. 

Incorrectly listed sessions can result in you being dropped because sessions have different bill due dates.

 Section numbers are how we determin what campuses classes are at.

All 060 thru 069 and 040 thru 049 sections are considered online. If you are enrolled in those sections, that is what will be reported to the VA.

We are not sure what we will be reporting for Internships or Practicums at this time.  They may be considered online.  We are waiting for official instruction from the VA.


Please read the entire page and acknowledge the instructions to proceed with your Veteran Education Benefit Semester/Session Request Form.

Before submitting your Veteran Education Benefit Session Request Form

  • We must already have a complete supporting documentation file on hand for you
    • Emailed you that we accepted (not the received auto reply) the supporting documentation


  • If you skip any fall or spring semester you must 
    • Submit all new supporting documentation for a new file
    • Receive confirmation from us that your supporting documentation is Complete and Accepted

We are changing the way we process benefits. 

You will have to opt in to the conditions for the Do Not Drop (DND) or pay your bill up front-even CH33 thru this form.  You must have a complete packet and submit your request on time for us to do this.

CH30/CH33/CH35/CH1606/Hazlewood/TA DND Session Requests must be submitted 10 work days before the bill due date to guarantee the DND will be applied by the bill due date

No DND for CH31 Vocrehab-either we have everything and it will be applied or we do not have everything and you are not guaranteed VA benefits


On-time CH33 requests we will place a Do Not Drop on your account and process a $0 initial certification and we will only place the money on your account after census date when we go back and have to do the final cert. 

Late CH33 requests will not be certified to the VA until after the census date this way we only have to do it once and you will need to pay your bill if there is a bill due 2 days prior to the Bill Due Date. 


On-time CH30, 35 and 1606 requests will receive a Do Not Drop and be processed by Bill Due Date.

Late CH30, 35 and 1606 requests will be processed after all others are processed


Mike will process just the Pharmacy CH33 along with all non CH33 along with all supporting documentation for benefits and responding to Veteran Education Benefit Semester/Session Requests

Shawn will process all the CH33 except Pharmacy


This should allow us to accomplish more certifications sooner and more students should not have to pay out of pocket for CH33 and students should get paid sooner.

SEPARATE Session Request MUST be submitted for each session ie Regular 15/16 week , 7week 1,  7 week 2, Short Summer, Summer 1 Summer 2, Long Summer, PHARMD 6 week 1, PHARMD 6 Week 2, PHARMD 6week 3 sessions in each semester, you must submit a SEPARATE session request  for each session.  This is how we track bill due dates ans prioritize processing/certifying. If you are taking classes in multiple sessions in the same semester you have to submit multiple session requests. Ie 1 request per session.

By clicking this link, I acknowledge that I have read the instructions above and that failure to follow instructions will result in my request not being accepted, and that my request will have to be resubmitted correctly.


(Link)  SPRING Semeste rSession Request-Open November 1st thru the last spring class day

Spring 2020 Academic Calendar-Processing is based on bill due dates and census dates.


(Link)  SUMMER Semester Session Request-Open April 1st thru the last summer class day


Returning students expect to receive an email requiring you to submit a benefit specific Student Statement of Responsibility before any more processing will be completed.

Returning Veterans who started before Fall 2018 are required to submit Military Transcripts


(Link) FALL Semester Session Request-Open July 1st thru the last fall class day


Fall 2019 Processing Calendar











Supporting Docs Due

LATE after this date 

Session Request Due

Late after this date

& no guarantee of Do Not Drop 

$0-Intial VA Cert

Start Date

No bill paid yet 

Census & Start Date for

Final Cert and Apply $ to bill

Late CH33 requests


Applied $ to bill estimated completion date 

(Do not call about bill before) 

 7W1  8/2/19       8/8/19  8/5/19  8/30/19  9/20/19
 16/15wk regular  8/9/19  8/9/19 9/9/19   9/27/19
7W2   10/4/19  9/27/19  10/25/19  11/15/2019
 6W1PHRM-D  8/7/19  8/8/19  8/15/19  8/23/19
 6W2PHRM-D  9/18/19  9/19/19  9/26/19  10/4/19
 6W3PHRM-D  10/29/19 10/30/19   11/7/19  11/15/19


 Check the main MVSC webpage for processing updates. We will update it as we complete VA enrollment certifications by batch/chapter





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