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Piano Proficiency Exam

All incoming transfer music majors and minors must take the appropriate Piano Proficiency Exam before registering for music classes at UT Tyler. The exams are administered twice annually, on the day of regular registration each long semester. Contact the School of Performing Arts for time and location.

The Piano Proficiency Exam is a requirement of transfer students who have completed four semesters of piano class or applied piano prior to attending UT Tyler. It is a skills-based exam that assesses sight reading, harmonization, and keyboard harmony (application of music theory) skills. The sample exam linked above has suggested realizations of all harmonization and keyboard harmony examples.

The test is administered in the piano laboratory. Students have two hours in which to complete it. Students may take the sections of the test in any order and are allowed to practice each section except for sight reading.

Music major transfers with less than four semesters of piano, or students who do not wish to take the exam, must enroll in Harmony and Keyboard classes. Students must contact Vicki Conway for proper placement within the four-semester Harmony and Keyboard sequence.

Music minors who have completed two semesters of piano class or applied piano prior to attending UT Tyler must pass the final exam administered for Harmony and Keyboard II. This exam is given at the same time as the piano proficiency exam and includes sight reading, harmonization, and keyboard harmony skills appropriate for two semesters of piano study. Students should contact Vicki Conway for exact requirements and sample levels of difficulty.

For questions regarding the Piano Proficiency Exam, please contact:

Vicki Conway


UT Tyler