Choirs 2017-2018

UT Tyler School of Performing Arts

Dr. Cameron Rose, Director of Choral Activities

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Patriot Singers

Patriot Singers

First row (left to right): Irene Duran, Damian Squalls, Amber Wright, Tannin Bertino, Sydney Wilson, Devin Coats; Second row: Nicholas Sheffield, Taylor McNatt, Lauren Gandy, Atteona Ware, Juliana Statile, Jessica Valencia, Katlyn Gross, Makayla Means, Jamie Taberna, Eric Ware; Third row: Hannah Hinrichsen, David Foote, Josiah Maertins, James Dent, Josh Geibler, Caleb Youngblood, Kensey Darnell, Dr. Rose

Concert Chorale


Front row (left to right): Juliana Statile, Eric Ware, Talor McNatt, Damian Squalls, Makayla Means, Kelsey Stewart, Nicholas Sheffield, Krystal Blubaugh; Second row: Dahlia Torres, Lauren Gandy, Jamie Taberna, Amber Wright, Alexis Leyva, Amanda Carrell, Amber Poe, Atteona Ware; Third Row: Dr. Rose, Tannin Bertino, Myranda Feagin, Brandon Welborn, Sarah Jo Buchanan, Jessica Valencia, Sydney Wilson, Katlyn Gross, Fourth row: Josh Geibler, Caleb Cannon, Caleb Youngblood, Devin Coats, Hannah Hinrichsen, Kensey Darnell, James Dent, Daniel Laney, Josiah Maeritns, Chasity Neal, David Foote; Not pictured: Ann Abernathy, Sydney Anderson, Emily Santistevan, Elijah Schrack

Performance Playlist


2017-2018 Performances

A Concert for Zoe
Patriot Singers Opening for the Philippine Madrigal Singers
September 5, Tuesday, 7:00 pm
Caldwell Auditorium

Concert Chorale at UT Tyler Presidential Inauguration
September 12, Tuesday, 2:00 pm
Cowan Center, UT Tyler

Patriot Singers at UT Tyler Inaugural Gala
September 12, Tuesday, 7:00 pm
Ornelas Center, UT Tyler

Concert Chorale at Music Department All-Steinway Gala
September 14, Thursday, 6:30 pm
Center for the Musical Arts, UT Tyler

My Song in the Night
Fall Concert
October 14, Saturday, 6:00 pm
First Presbyterian Church, Tyler

Patriot Singers Downtown Caroling following Tyler Christmas Parade
November 30, 8:00 pm
Libery Hall Theatre, Tyler

Little Drummer Boy
Patriot Singers Music Video

Patriot Singers at UT Tyler Development Board Christmas Reception
December 1, Saturday, 7:00 pm
Alumni House, UT Tyler

What Sweeter Music
Christmas Concert
December 9, Saturday, 6:00 pm
First Presbyterian Church, Tyler

Patriot Singers at UT Tyler Development Board Valentines Reception
February 10, Saturday, 7:00 pm
Alumni House, UT Tyler

Together in Song
Combined Concert with TJC Choirs
March 3, Saturday, 6:00 pm
First Presbyterian Church, Tyler

Patriot Singers Flash Mob
"Might Flight to Heaven", "Son de La Loma"
March 5, Monday, 1:00
University Center, UT Tyler

Patriot Singers at College Music Society South Central Conference
March 16, Friday
Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Concert Chorale at Voices of Faith Spring Concert
March 23, Friday, 7:00 pm
First Presbyterian Church, Tyler

Spring Concert with East Texas Symphony Chorus Chorus
April 19, Thursday, 7:30 pm
Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul, Tyler

Beethoven Symphony 9 with East Texas Symphony Orchestra
April 28, Saturday, 7:30 pm
Cowan Center, UT Tyler