Language and Technology Minor

University Offers Studies in Digital Communication

Publication Date: 01/30/2020

The ability to communicate effectively using digital technology is valued by employers in almost every industry in today’s professional world.

In a break from conventional English coursework, the University is offering training in digital media technologies that are gaining traction in the workplace, from audio podcasts to infographics to geolocation systems. The new language and technology minor is offered through the Department of Literature and Languages but is open to all majors.

“The program is designed to bridge the gap between traditional literary coursework taught in English classes and a growing emphasis on digital media technologies,’’ said Dr. Matthew Kelly, UT Tyler assistant professor of English. “It is important for students to be able adapt to new technologies and communicate in a variety of formats in order to compete in today’s job market, particularly in knowledge-based industries.’’

The minor is structured to:

  • Train English majors to apply the traditional reading, writing and critical thinking skills acquired in literature classes to new forms of digital media.
  • Provide non-English majors the opportunity to learn effective communication strategies using digital media platforms, based on their personal interests and academic and professional goals.

The curriculum consists of six courses, totaling 18 semester credit hours. Four courses are designed specifically for the minor and are offered primarily in a studio workshop environment. The remaining two courses are electives that can be selected from various disciplines including English, math, statistics, computer science, marketing and mass communication.

The program culminates in experiential learning, with each student designing a digital project for a local organization or business.

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