FAQ for Parents and Family of On-Campus Residential Students

Inclement Weather

Last Updated: February 20, 5:30 p.m.

What is the status of classes starting Feb. 22?

Because restoring heat and water for a majority of campus facilities may extend through late next week, The University of Texas at Tyler is moving all classes online for the week of Feb. 22.

We understand that in many cases, the online format is not optimal, but it currently is the best option to keep class progress on track this semester.

Students who have limited access to power or internet should notify their professors as soon as possible. Faculty who may have challenges delivering online instruction should reach out to their chair or dean.

The University is currently working on plans to offer additional resources or partially opening services next week, such as computer labs, if possible. An announcement will be made next week.

Because much of the main University Blvd. campus is heated with a central boiler system, the water supply is essential. Currently, this campus has insufficient water pressure to fully operate the boiler. Facilities services is working closely with the City of Tyler to restore water service. Also, the possibility of significant water pipe damage is high, but the extent of that won’t be known until 24-48 hours of above freezing temperatures.

Academic Affairs is currently considering multiple options for making up lost instruction from the week of February 15 for traditional 15-week classes. Additional updates will be sent out once a determination has been made.

All employees should check with their supervisors to see when they should report back to campus. Otherwise, employees should continue to work remotely.

How does this storm affect 7-week accelerated terms?

Due to widespread power and internet outages across the state of Texas, UT Tyler is extending SPRING I seven-week courses by an additional week. SPRING I courses will now end on March 6. This will enable faculty to complete the required instruction and students to successfully complete all course requirements. SPRING I courses include the accelerated MBA, BAAS and RN-to-BSN programs. Students who are unsure if their course is impacted by this extension should contact their faculty.

What is the status of conditions in Ornelas Hall?

Ornelas Hall is on a pressurized water system, which requires water pressure from the City of Tyler to work properly. The city is working as quickly as possible to bring the domestic water flow back up to full capacity. We are hopeful this will be within the next 24 hours. Once we have significant pressure, the heat will return and toilets will function again.

If you have a friend who lives in another residential facility that has running water, you may stay with that person until water is returned to OHall. We ask that you please wear a mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please note that this is not a permanent change in the no-guest policy.

Please remember that there is still a boil water notice in effect. DO NOT consume water out of the sinks until the boil water notice has been removed.

The clubhouses at Patriot Village, Liberty Landing and Victory Village will be open 4 - 9pm Feb. 20 and 10am - 9pm Feb. 21 for you restroom use or to get warm. Masks must be worn at all times while inside the clubhouse.

When will water be restored?

Water is slowly returning to UT Tyler residential facilities, but the pressure is low. Please note that there is still a "boil water" notice for the city, so please comply.

Bottled water is still available at the front desk or clubhouse of every housing facility. Please work with the RAs of your facility to get bottled water.

Guidelines for residential facilities water use:

  1. Boil all water that will be used for consumption.
  2. As water returns there may be air in the lines, this is normal and will eventually go away once all air has been removed from lines.
  3. Water may be discolored or cloudy, do not be alarmed.
  4. Keep an eye out for any leaks from broken pipes. If you notice a leak, contact the RA on duty for your building Immediately.
  5. Please limit your length of shower and continue to conserve water until water has been fully restored. If your room/apartment has multiple showers, please stage showers to only one being used at a time.
  6. Toilets in Liberty Landing, Patriot Village, Victory Village and University Pines may take longer to refill than usual due to lower water pressure. Please wait until it has refilled before using it again.
  7. DO NOT leave water running and unattended. You do NOT need to leave a trickle of water running.
  8. We ask that you delay using dishwashers and washing machines at this time to help with water conservation. We will let you know when the city gives us the go ahead for normal water usage.
  9. If you live in Ornelas Hall, please note that just because water is coming out of your sink, doesn’t mean your toilet will flush. The building needs full pressure in order for the toilets to flush properly. – We will send an email to Ornelas Hall Residents once the building has been pressurized.

Where can students eat?

The MET is open in the UC from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily. Also, supplemental food options are available through the Patriot Pantry. Please contact the University Police Department at 903.566.7300 to gain access.

Given the city of Tyler utilities challenges, how is the university handling water for personal use?

UT Tyler Facilities has identified a temporary resource to provide water for personal use to our on-campus residents. Students will receive a communication from the Director of Residence Life to collect water for their use.

What if a room or area in a residence hall loses heat or power?

Students should contact their RA. We have rooms available in other buildings where students can stay until the heat is on again.

Students may also contact their RA if they are in need of additional blankets or other supplies.

If a student has a medical need, what should they do?

They may contact the RA on duty in their building for all non-emergencies. For emergencies, please call 911. The University Police Department may be contacted by calling 903.566.7300.

Where can students get drinking water?

Bottled water is available in the clubhouses or front desk of each facility. Due to a constrained supply, we ask students to please conserve. We will communicate availability of water for consumption and personal use directly to our residents.

If a student is feeling lonely or anxious, is there anyone who can help?

Yes, you can contact your RA or RC from the Residence Life staff, or contact the University Counseling Center by calling 903.565.5746.

  • There are people available to help 24/7.
  • You may also access support by calling the 24/7 Crisis Line at 903.566.7254.