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School of Nursing

Danita Alfred

Danita Alfred

Title: Professor
Department: Nursing
Building: BRB 2340
Phone: 903.566.7019


  • Ph.D - Texas Woman's University
  • MSN - Texas Woman's University
  • BSN - West Texas State University

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Courses Taught

BSN Community Health Nursing and Nursing Research

MSN Research and Theory

PhD Advanced Statistics and Quantitative Research

Clinical Background

Community/Public Health & Disaster Nursing

Research Interests

Disaster Preparedness, Nursing Values, Nursing Education

Recent Publications

Fountain, R., Chilton, J., Deal, B., Connor, D., Hensarling, J., Klotz, L., Alfred, D. (In press). Preparing for disasters: Education and management strategies explored, Nurse Education in Practice. Early release online 9-22-2014 (Alfred – corresponding author).

Lin, C.N., Smith, B.M., & Alfred, D. (in press). Cultural competence and related factors among Taiwanese Nurses. Journal of Nursing Research. Accepted July, 2014.

Johnson, A., Alfred, D., Fountain, R., & Combs, D. (in press). Quality of life and adaptation for TBI survivors: Assessment of the Disability Centrality Model. Journal of Rehabilitation. Accepted October, 2014.

Wieck, L., Alfred, D., Haas, B. K., Yarbrough, S. (2014). Using a strengths model to build an online nursing education program. Journal of Professional Nursing 30(3), 233-242.

Alfred, D., Yarbrough, S., Martin, P., Mink, J., Lin, Y. & Wang, L. (2013). A comparison of professional values of Taiwanese and USA nursing students. Nursing Ethics. 20(8), 917-926.

Baack, S. &Alfred, D. (2013). Nurse preparedness and perceived competence in managing disasters. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 45(3), 281-287

Alfred, D., Yarbrough, S., Martin, P., & Garcia, C. (2011). Gender and professional values: A closer look. Nursing Management. 41(1), 34-36.

Lin, Y., Wang, L., Yarbrough, S., Alfred, D., & Martin, P. (2010). Changes in Taiwanese nursing student values during the educational experience. Nursing Ethics, 17(5), 646-654.

Deal, B., Alfred, D., Fountain, R., Ford, T., & Chilton, J. (2010). Educational opportunities: A nursing school model for medical special needs sheltering. Nurse Educator. 35(3), 122-126.

Creative Endeavors

Alfred, D., Klotz, L., Deal, B., Fountain, R., Missildine, K., Williams, J., Ford, T., Chilton, J., Parkins, J., Smith, C., & Brown, J. (June, 2010). Just-in-Time Training for Volunteers Caring for Evacuees in a Medical Special Needs Shelter. (grant funded)

Recent Presentations

Alfred D. Are nurses ready to manage disasters? A conference presentation. 5th Annual Preparedness Symposium. Galveston, Texas. (October 16-18, 2013).

Alfred, D. Are Texas nurses prepared to manage disasters? A conference presentation. Public Health Capabilities: Bridging the Gap Between Planning and Preparedness. Tyler, Texas (July 8-10, 2013).       

Alfred, D. Have inexperienced volunteers for your disaster medical shelter? No problem. Just-in-time training for medical shelter volunteers. A conference presentation. Public Health Capabilities: Bridging the Gap Between Planning and Preparedness. Tyler, Texas (July 8–10, 2013).       

Wieck, L., Alfred, D. (presenter), Haas, B., Yarbrough, S. Using a Strengths Model to Build an Online Education Program. A conference presentation.  AACN’s 2013 Doctoral Education Conference, San Diego, CA. January 24 – 26, 2013.