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HRSA InTune Traineeship Grant - FNP

The HRSA Traineeship Grant Continues until 2023!

Get up to three semesters of your FNP education paid for! 

  • Who: UT Tyler FNP students (especially from rural/underserved areas)
  • What: Recruiting and graduating more skilled, practice-ready, team-based FNPs to become employed in rural/underserved (R/US) areas
  • Where: Medically Underserved Areas (MUAs), Medically Underserved Populations (MUPs), or Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs)
  • Why: To increase the numbers of diverse FNP students recruited to/graduating from UT Tyler, and to increase their employment in R/US areas; to improve access to quality healthcare of MUA/MUP/HPSA populations; and, to develop primary care training sites for immersive longitudinal clinical training in R/US areas/populations for enrollees in the UT Tyler FNP programs. 

This grant specifically applies to clinical precepted practice in the rural and underserved areas of East Texas while in school, and requires one year of employment within the same demographic upon graduation. Multiple sites are available. NOTE: ** The InTune/HRSA Traineeship grant is fully funded by HRSA and all FNP qualified applicants will not be excluded based on current financial aid, grants or any assistance by scholarships already being utilized or in effect.

FNP Information and Spring 2021 Application (DEADLINE DATE July 18, 2021)

The aim of the Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) program is to develop and train practice-ready nurse practitioners to care for the mental health needs of people throughout the lifespan with a focus on vulnerable and underserved populations.  The PMHNP program at UT Tyler could substantially increase the number of qualified PMHNPs in the State of Texas and beyond by utilizing evidence-based practice techniques in both didactic and clinical practice training.  Education and training will be enhanced by maximizing interprofessional collaboration to leverage expertise and provide holistic care shown to improve treatment outcomes.

The HRSA grant awardees must provide a NPI Number. Click Here > How to apply for your NPI Number.  Any questions, please contact Ms. Melinda Morris, Grant Coordinator, at or Dr. Carol Rizer, Project Director, at

Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program Now Open

What's new with the Nurse Corps LRP this year?  It includes additional funding for psychiatric nurse practitioners.  As part of HRSA's efforts to combat the nation's opioid crisis, special funding has been provided to increase evidence-based care to patients in need of opioid use disorder and behavioral health treatment.  The program offers loan repayment to registered nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, and nursing faculty in exchange for a two-year service commitment at a health care facility with a critical shortage of nurses, or, for nurse faculty, an eligible school of nursing.

Find out more about the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program.

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