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Student Testimonials

PhD Nursing Student Jennifer Donwerth"Throughout my undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral nursing education, I  have never experienced the level of support, guidance and genuine concern for my success as I have with the faculty and staff in the UTTYLER doctoral program.  When I think that  doctoral coursework, family, career, and life are too much to manage, the faculty give me that little push and encouragment that I need to get over the hump.  The relationships I am building with faculty, staff, and classmates will be relationships I carry with me the rest of my life." - Cathy Miller, UT Tyler PhD in Nursing Student, UT Tyler.

PhD Nursing Student Jennifer Donwerth

"The faculty are knowledgeable, personable, accessible and want us to understand and synthesize the material being taught in order to succeed. This may be an online program, but I feel more in touch with my professors than I ever did in a face-to-face program. I recommend UT Tyler to everyone I come across." -Jennifer Donwerth, UT Tyler PhD in Nursing Student, UT Tyler.


PhD Nursing Student Donna Hood"The PhD program in  Nursing at University of Texas at Tyler is such a blessing. I wanted to return to  school but as a nursing faculty member, wife, and mother I was not able to  leave north Louisiana to do so. UT Tyler's online PhD program has given me the  opportunity to pursue  my goal in a supportive but rigorous online environment.

The faculty go out of their way to support and challenge us. The format is so  well  organized and the tools and support people allow me to focus on  learning.  The initial days of introduction to the program held on the  UT Tyler campus  were excellent. I would not trade that time as we got  to know the faculty, our  fellow students from across the country, and  the support services available to  us. It was truly a motivating time as we began to address our individual areas  of research. Each week I find myself pushed but still encouraged and motivated.  I look forward to  the growth that takes place each step of the way." -Donna Hood, UT Tyler PhD in Nursing Student, UT Tyler.

 PhD Nursing Student Carmon Weekes"I  am very surprised at how wonderful the faculty members are.  I guess I  shouldn't have been considering that they were this way when we were  there for  orientation.  However, even in cyberspace everyone's  beautiful  personalities come through.  Finding this program was truly a blessing and  I know it was the providence of God that led me to it.  I continually pray  for guidance and I know that I will be successful.

As my  brain goes, I truly do feel it expanding.  In just these few  short weeks I  feel that I have embarked upon a journey that will  certainly change me as  a professor and my view of my role in the  profession of nursing.  I am  ready to make my contribution to the  profession.  I am pondering things  that I never thought of before.  As a result of reading the book Flatland  I really have been educated that  we have to expand our thinking beyond what we  know." -Carmon Weekes, UT Tyler PhD in Nursing Student, UT Tyler.