College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at The University of Texas at Tyler!

If you are considering a career in health professions, you are entering a dynamic field. Diverse career options and abundant job opportunities exist now in health care, and forecasters say those opportunities will multiply in the years ahead.

The Mission

The mission of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences is consistent with the mission of The University of Texas at Tyler. Graduates are prepared for leadership roles in the health professions and movement sciences. The graduates practice in a variety of complex, continually changing environments. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, lifelong learning, competence, ethics, and altruism.

Preparing Nurse Leaders

The College of Nursing prepares graduates to meet health care needs as generalists, educators, researchers, administrators and advanced practitioners. Faculty built on this outstanding foundation to develop a PhD in Nursing degree with an emphasis on trans cultural community health, the first doctoral program at The University of Texas at Tyler. The college's success in educating nurse leaders is best demonstrated by the achievements of graduates in this region and across the country. Some are executive officers of large health care institutions, some serve as educators in universities and colleges, others work as advanced practitioners and consultants in settings ranging from rural clinics to government agencies to urban medical centers.

Health and Kinesiology

The Department of Health and Kinesiology offers studies in the areas of health and kinesiology (the study of movement or exercise) that prepare for a variety of careers in the health professions, health education, clinical exercise programs, medicine, and other applied programs. A new degree track for athletic trainers has been added, and new programs are being developed.

Path to Success

Our outstanding faculty and excellence in academic programs has carried us far along the path to success. Together we can meet the challenge of creating and influencing opportunities in the changing arena of global health care. We invite your comments and questions through e-mail at the address provided below.

Dr. Yong Tai Wang, Ph.D., FACSM

UT Tyler