UT Tyler Facilities Management

Records Storage & Disposal Policy

Administrative Policy

Records Storage and Disposal Policy

(Note: Follow the university’s records retention schedule for destruction dates.) Pick-Up, Storage and Disposal
No. 01-01-02 / Approved 02-03-03

STORAGE: The following process is required to have records picked up and stored in the Physical Plant Records Room 132:

  1. Label all boxes with department name, date to be destroyed (month and year) and number accordingly – 1 of (total number), 2 of (total number), etc.
  2. After boxes have been correctly labeled, create a work request for pick up through Service Now. For assistance in creating the work order, contact the Physical Plant at 566-7291. Specify the total number of boxes to be picked up and the delivery location (Physical Plant Room 132) on the work order.
  3. After submission of the work request, the Physical Plant director or the work control coordinator must approve it. After approval is received, the Physical Plant will dispatch a crew to pick up the boxes. A full-time UT Tyler employee from the Physical Plant will accompany the crew in transferring the records to storage. Student records and sensitive data will require that a representative from the appropriate area accompany the moving crew and verify the proper placement of records in the storage warehouse.

DISPOSAL: When records stored at the Physical Plant have reached or exceeded the proper destruction date, the following process is taken to have them destroyed in the records destruction process:

  1. Once all of the boxes have been verified, recorded, and signed off by the Facilities Management representative, a vendor will be chosen to come to campus and shred the documents.
  2. The originating department chair shall maintain a records log of dates boxes are sent to storage and subsequent dates of destruction.