Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum Assessment

The University of Texas at Tyler Core Curriculum is approved annually by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Texas (THECB) and aligns with the UT Tyler mission and strategic plan to prepare all UT Tyler graduates to be productive and successful 21st century leaders.

The purpose of Core Curriculum assessment is to improve student attainment of the Texas Core Objectives and to affirm the following foundational goals of general education:

  • All Core Curriculum Course competencies are college-level.
  • Assessment documents the degree of acceptable student attainment for each student learning outcome.
  • Core courses present a breadth of knowledge and do not focus narrowly on skills, techniques and procedures specific to a particular occupation or profession.
  • Core courses are designed to fulfill the general education requirements for the entire student population.

 Texas Core Curriculum Required Objectives

Critical Thinking: to include creative thinking, innovation, inquiry, and analysis, evaluation and synthesis of information.

Communication: to include effective development, interpretation and expression of ideas through written, oral and visual communication.

Empirical and Quantitative Skills: to include the manipulation and analysis of numerical data or observable facts resulting in informed conclusions.

Teamwork: to include the ability to consider different points of view and to work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal.

Personal Responsibility: to include the ability to connect choices, actions and consequences to ethical decision-making.

Social Responsibility: to include intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility, and the ability to engage effectively in regional, national and global communities.

2020-2021 UT Tyler Core Curriculum and Component Assessment Mapping

THECB Texas Core Curriculum Assessment Guide


VALUE Rubrics

VALUE stands for Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education. VALUE is a campus-based, faculty developed assessment approach organized and lead by AAC&U as part of its Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) initiative.

Rubric Calibration Training and Scoring Guidelines

UT Tyler VALUE Rubric Scoring Guidelines

Intellectual and Performance Skills

Personal and Social Responsibility

Integrative and Applied Learning