Campus Computing Center Lab Assistants

Lab Assistants

Campus Computing Center

Lab assistants are present to ensure the lab runs as efficiently as possible. The lab assistants will help you find a suitable machine and will, in general, create a space conducive to you getting your work done.

The primary responsibilities of the lab assistants are to help students log in to a computer, maintain the physical lab environment including computer hardware, distribute printouts, and to provide software support to the best of their abilities. They are here to answer questions and to assist with problems. They will not, however, do your work for you. The lab assistants do not make the rules for the lab, but they are expected to follow them.

 Please don't hesitate to email us or come by RBN 3022 to see us if you have any problems or questions.

Do NOT send your password.

Do NOT send your Social Security Number.

Be sure to include your full name, student ID, and birth date when requesting assistance. If you have an alternate email address please send your email from that account.