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Become a J-1 Exchange Visitor

J-1 Exchange Scholars

If you are interested in becoming a J-1 scholar at UT Tyler, you must first find an academic department and a sponsoring professor that will support your academic endeavors. Once you have found a sponsoring professor/department to host you as a J-1 scholar, a request to issue your DS-2019 will be submitted to ISSFS at UT Tyler.

Please read the J-1 Visiting Scholar Program Guide carefully. The Guide contains important information about your pre-arrival and arrival at UT Tyler. It will provide valuable information for your visa application and help you plan for your travel to UT Tyler.

The Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure issued by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Department of State of United States provides you the key information of the program, including rules, regulations, and contact information.

For more information about J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, please visit the Department of State website.

Funding Requirements

Verification of financial support is required. Funding may be from the University, the Exchange Visitor's government, personal funds or a combination of these sources. Documents verifying financial support from a source other than UT should be emailed to ISSFS at issfs@uttyler.edu.

The funding requirements for visiting professors and researchers are:

  • $1,500/month (J-1)
  • $450/month (J-2 spouse)
  • $250/month (per J-2 child)

Insurance Requirement

J-1 Exchange Visitors are required by U.S Department of State to purchase insurance coverage within the first 30 days of arrival that provides sufficient coverage throughout the duration of the program. The insurance must meet the following requirements:

  • Major Medical Coverage: Unlimited
  • Deductible cannot exceed: $500
  • Medical Evacuation: $10,000
  • Repatriation of Remains: $ 7,500

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