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Intensive English Language Institute

Office of International Programs

Application Fee: $150 (Includes $50 document processing fee and $100 tuition deposit, non-refundable).

IELI Session Costs

IELI Estimated Expenses for one 8-Week Session
$2,000 plus fees (one 8-week session; 168 instructional hours)
Tuition/semester $ 2,000 (one 8-week session)
University Fees $ 225
 Health Insurance $ 322
 Room and Board $ 2,553
 Books and Supplies $ 200
 Personal Expenses $ 800
 TOTAL $ 6,153


IELI Estimated Expenses for One Semester (Fall or Spring)
$4,000 plus fees for one 16-week semester
(two 8-week sessions; 336 instructional hours)
 Tuition/semester $ 4,000 (two 8-week sessions)
 University Fees $ 450
 Health Insurance $ 513-786
 Room and Board $ 5,105
 Books and Supplies $ 400
 Personal Expenses $ 1,600
 TOTAL $ 12,288


IELI Estimated Expenses for Academic Year (Fall and Spring)
$8,000 plus fees for two 16-week semesters
(four 8-week sessions; 672 instructional hours)
 Tuition/semester $ 8,000 (four 8-week sessions)
 University Fees $ 900
 Health Insurance $ 2,181
 Room and Board $ 10,210
 Books and Supplies $ 800
 Personal Expenses $ 3,200
 TOTAL $ 24,540

Application Fee: $50 USD

Tuition Deposit: $100 USD (non-refundable tuition deposit)

Tuition includes: placement testing; orientation program; 21 class hours each week; class size limited to 12-15 students per class; learner management system (LMS) for classes; weekly activity newsletter; Study Buddies conversation partner program; social activities; practice TOEFL Examinations (for students in good standing); and immigration advising.

University Fees include: automated service fee (computerized registration and library services); student ID card; records (transcripts and enrollment certification); basic computer access; Recreational Facility access; University Student Center access; International Education programming; and medical service (access to the student health clinic).

Estimates are subject to change without notice. Estimates do not reflect cost of dependents or cost of additional seminars.

Additional fee for optional Seminars: $250/week (21 hour instructional week) plus books and supplies as needed. Personal expenses have been estimated at $100/week.

Pro-rated fees will apply to short-term classroom experiences, which are available for individual students or groups/delegations.  For more information contact