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Maintaining F-1 Status

Enrollment Requirements & Restrictions

To maintain F-1 status, enrollment each Fall and Spring semester in courses totaling at least the minimum credit hours to be considered full-time at your degree level is required.




Minimum Load

12 credits

9 credits

If taking less than the minimum for your degree level during a Fall or Spring semester, you must obtain authorization by submitting a completed Academic Reduced Course-Load Request by Census Date

  • To obtain a course-load reduction or withdraw from all classes for medical reasons, you must submit the Medical Reduced Course-Load Request form instead.
  • Summer enrollment is not required, unless it is the student’s first semester. Then full-time enrollment is required and all restrictions, such as online limits (described next), apply
  • Only one 3-hour online course can be used to count toward the required minimum for the student's degree level each regular semester.
  • Hybrid courses are considered “face-to-face,” i.e., in-person, for immigration purposes; students may take any number of hybrid courses and credits.
  • Zoom classes in which student attendance in a classroom on-campus is not validated are considered online.
  • In final semester, you may take less than the minimum credit hours required for your degree level and be considered full-time for immigration purposes, as long as you meet the following requirements:
    • You're taking all remaining courses in your degree program.
    • You've submitted an Academic Reduced Course-Load Request form for that semester.
    • You're not taking more than 1 online class.
    • If you have only one remaining class, it is not online.


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