Passport Application Requirements

How to Apply Using a DS-11 Form

  • Applicants for U.S. Passports must be U.S. Citizens.
  • We can't print a digitally-filled application here. If you can't print from home, complete it by hand in our office.
    • We cannot receive emails that contain an SSN, and for your security, it is best to never email documents with as much information as these forms require.
  • All applicants using the DS-11 form must appear in person.
  • Both parents must appear for minors under the age of 16. Please view minor specifics for what to do if both parents cannot come in.
  • Do not attach your photo, complete the ID section, or sign. This must be completed and witnessed by an authorized passport agent. Filling this in will require redoing the application.

For further details, please follow the links for each item.
The "DS-11 Form" link will take you to the U.S. Department of State website, and the video checklist will take you to youtube. 

  • Check your email to view your receipt and important information
  • Complete our Passport Facility survey to share about your experience with us (link is provided in your email)
  • Track your application status

Please use caution when hiring a third party to carry your certified, personal documentation. This should only be done if you have an emergency or sudden travel plans and are unable to go to an appointment personally. You must be able to submit proof that you are traveling in less than 14 days by submitting a copy of your plane/cruise ticket, hotel booking, or other imminent travel documentation booked in your name.


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