Passport Related Forms

Step 5 - Reporting Additional Information

The only passport application form that an acceptance facility can review and submit is the DS-11 form. In some situations, applicants may need additional paperwork or forms to submit along with the application. These forms are available here.

We also have links to the DS-82 (adult renewals) and DS-5504 (name change within a year of passport issuance and/or error correction) available below for you to submit on your own by mail as required by the Department of State.

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Please review the following forms and print/complete any that will apply to you. These are available in our office as well.



Have you recently married or divorced, or legally changed your name for any reason? Are you replacing a Limited Passport? Did you just realize an error on your valid passport?
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you do not use an acceptance facility. We will happily take your required photo and provide any guidance you may need. All of these forms are also available in our office if you don't have access to a printer.

For a name change within 1 year of passport issue date

Use the DS-5504. There is no fee if you are applying with this application form, unless you want to have it expedited for the usual $60 fee.

For a name change after 1 year of passport issuance

Use the DS-82. Regular fees apply. You will be issued a brand-new, 10 year passport.

For a correction to an issued passport

Use the DS-5504. If the error was not on your part, this application can be used for adult or minor passports and there is no fee, even if it has been over a year since the passport was issued. Learn more here

If you want to expedite the process, you will need to submit the $60 expedite fee.

You should be able to submit DS-82 and DS-5504 Forms and documents on your own.


If you are ineligible to use the Name Change/Correction Form DS-5504, you may be eligible to use the DS-82. It is best to confirm which form you need by reviewing the yes and no questions listed on the form, or using the link below to check through the U.S. Department of State website. If you find that you cannot use the renewal form, then you will need to re-apply using the DS-11 form at a Passport Acceptance Facility. 

You should be able to submit DS-82 and DS-5504 Forms and documents on your own.


Notice:NEVER pay for any of these forms. If you see a company fraudulently charging customers to download or receive these forms, please report them to the U.S. Department of State.


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