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Study Abroad Financial Aid

Information about Financial Aid for Students Interested in Studying Abroad

Students participating in an approved program (consortium agreement) that allows them to earn credit hours toward their degree plan are eligible for the same federal financial aid they would receive if they were studying on campus. Individual students may set up an appointment to meet with a financial aid advisor to discuss scheduled awards that may be received during the study abroad semester.

Financial aid funds will be disbursed based on the established calendar dates for the semester. Study Abroad start dates will usually not be equivalent to UT Tyler semester start date but, financial aid disbursements will be the same for all students. Participating students must be prepared to pay any required study abroad expenses (airline tickets, deposits, student visas, etc.) prior to receiving financial aid refunds. Financial aid refunds will be processed based on your P2 Card refund preference. For your study abroad semester, you may change your refund option on-line or discuss changes with the Cashiers Office.

Withdrawals/Cancellation: Full repayment to UT Tyler is required if a student withdraws from the program after financial aid and/or scholarship funds are disbursed and refunded.

Additional information about financial aid for Study Abroad can be found on the financial aid website.

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