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Overseas Insurance: How to Use Each Component

International SOS (ISOS)

International SOS specializes in assisting students who need health, safety, and security service assistance.

Visit www.internationalsos.com before going abroad to access:

  • Online country guides with cultural tips as well health and safety information
  • Information on availability of medications in host country, online, or by phone
  • Online travel advisory information for every country and current travel recommendations

Call ISOS while abroad if:

  • The student needs to see a doctor due to illness or injury
  • The student needs to speak to a nurse or Western-trained doctor
  • The student needs to be evacuated due to civil uprisings or natural disasters
  • The student is a victim of a crime, including theft
  • The student needs advice on the loss of travel documents or legal assistance while abroad
  • The student is in an emergency situation and needs advice or assistance
  • The student wants UT officials to be aware of the student's situation (Note: The student must give ISOS consent to share the information with UT officials)

ISOS Contact Information:

Call 1.215.942.8478, call collect from anywhere at any time.
Reference UT's member number- on the student's ISOS card.

ACE American Insurance Company

ACE American Insurance Company provides the international health insurance portion of UT Tyler Overseas Insurance, and ACE American Insurance Company will handle most student concerns.

Students should be prepared to pay for minor medical expenses and then submit a claim to ACE American Insurance Company for reimbursement.  The student should file a medical claim within 90 days of receiving medical care.

In rare cases in which medical fees exceed $500, ISOS can pay the expense on behalf of the student and receive reimbursement later.  Students can download a claims form from the Overseas Insurance web page and submit medical claims to ACE American Insurance Company.

Call ACE American Insurance Company if:

  • The student wants to know about prescription drug benefits
  • The student wants to know about coverage for expected medical expenses
  • The student needs to file a claim
  • To purchase additional coverage for leisure travel

ACE American Insurance Company Contact Information:
Telephone: 800.336.0627
Fax: 302.476.7857

ACE American Insurance Company
Accident & Health Claims
P.O.  Box 5124
Scranton, PA 18505

Email: ACEandHClains@acegroup.com

General Liability

The University of Texas System International General Liability insurance provides coverage for a UT student when an accidental (not expected or intended) negligent act resulting in bodily injury or property damage to a third party is committed.  Coverage will not result in financial compensation to the UT student, rather if warranted, to the third party.  Coverage benefits to the UT student will manifest in the form of defense assistance as warranted under the General Liability Insurance policy.

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