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New International Student TB Screen Hold FAQs

This page contains answers to a variety of frequently asked questions regarding the TB screening hold for new international UT Tyler students. 

To find an answer to a specific question, please see the list of Q&A links to the right.  

Q. Does UT Tyler accept Skin Prick-based TB screening results?

A. No. Only results from a QuantiFERON® –TB Gold In-Tube (QFT-G) or Interferon Gamma Assay (IGRA) blood-based screen test will be accepted.


Q. Is the UT Tyler TB Screening Form required?

A. Yes. Your TB screening results must be provided by a licensed medical practitioner directly on the UT Tyler Tuberculosis Screening Form, even if you submit the actual test report, and/or your test results are negative. Further ensure your screen test’s acceptability by checking that all form responses provided are in English, and the form has been signed by the attending practitioner.


Q. I have results from a TB screening that I received earlier this year. Will UT Tyler accept them?

A. Only if your TB screening results are fron a test taken in the last 3 months at the time of submitting to We strongly recommend that you get screened for TB and submit your completed documents as early as possible, ideally before arriving at UT Tyler.


Q. Can I get screened for TB in my home country/outside the US?

A. Yes, absolutely! We accept test results from a valid TB screening obtained in the last three months anywhere in the world, as long as they are documented according to the requirements above, and are of the two accepted blood test types mentioned. If your situation requires you to obtain your screen test only after arriving in Tyler, the UT Tyler-affiliated University Health Clinic on Patriot Drive offers TB screening within walking distance. Houston HEC students can get screened at the UT Health Science facility in Houston. 


Q. How much does a TB screen test cost?

A. The cost of a TB screening test in the U.S. varies according to location and the terms of an individual's insurance policy. At the UT Tyler Health Clinic the cost is covered under the UT-SHIP international insurance plan that continuing international students are automatically enrolled in. For exact cost if uninsured, please call the clinic at 903.939.7870.


Q. How can I get the cost of my TB screening covered by UT-SHIP so I can register for classes?

A. UT-SHIP enrollment is automatic upon class registration, but students cannot register for classes with an existing TB screen hold. So we encourage all regular first-year undergraduate and graduate admits to obtain TB screening in their home country long before arriving on campus using whatever insurance policy they already have.

International transfer students already in the U.S. and first-year undergrad/grad students who are unable to get TB screening before arriving at UT Tyler, but who wish to utilize the UT-SHIP preventive care service benefit prior to registering for classes, must first contact the International Insurance Advisor to have their UT-SHIP plan manually activated. Otherwise, they will be assessed the uninsured rate or, if carrying private insurance, any portion not covered by their policy, by their test provider.

Upon being notified of successful UT-SHIP plan activation, the student will be able to receive the preventive care service benefit for their TB screen test on the first day of UT-SHIP's effective coverage period for the plan semester and year corresponding to their enrollment semester and year.