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Prepare for Your Road to Success

High School

Sophomore Year

  • Talk to your high school counselor about your plans and ask them to help you arrange your class schedule so that all necessary courses can be taken in the proper sequence.
  • A high GPA will increase the likelihood of admission to either of these nursing programs. A nursing degree is heavily based on information learned in science prerequisite courses. There is a direct correlation between how well students do in science courses and their success rate in nursing programs.

Research Your Future Career

What is the difference between a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) and a registered nurse (RN)?

The RN is considered a professional nurse performing care that requires substantial specialized judgment and skill. The LVN scope of practice is a more directed nursing practice requiring specialized judgment and skill.

Both are responsible for providing safe, compassionate care, with the LVN giving focused nursing care to assigned patients with predictable health care needs and the RN giving comprehensive nursing care to patients and their families with complex healthcare needs.

Some students may be prepared to start at the BSN level, while others may want to take a step approach and start with the LVN program and progress to the BSN.

High School Junior Year

  • Successfully complete at least 15 hours of dual-credit courses that fulfill prerequisite requirements and Trinity Valley Community College's core curriculum.

High School Senior Year

  • Successfully complete an additional 15 hours of suggested dual-credit courses. By doing so, you will have completed your first year of college.
  • If you are pursuing a LVN certificate, apply to the Trinity Valley Community College Vocational Nursing Program during the fall semester of your senior year. Be sure to take the prerequisite courses, Human Growth and Development and Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, as dual credit courses or during your freshman year.
  • If you are pursuing a BSN degree, apply to Trinity Valley Community College - Palestine to complete an associate degree. Students should complete all prerequisite courses in addition to TVCC's core curriculum.
  • Apply for financial aid. Call 903.723.7026 for information about financial aid and scholarships or visit Trinity Valley Community College Financial Aid.

Preparing for the Trip

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