Frequently Asked Questions

UT Tyler Patriot Freshman Connection

  1. What is mentoring?
    Patriot Freshman Connection mentoring occurs between a sophomore, junior, or senior and an incoming freshman. Mentors serve as experienced resources for new students. The mentor relationship is continually strengthened as mentors serve the student by answering questions, assisting through difficult times, and encouraging reflection. All institutional policies and procedures apply to the mentor relationship.
  2. How are students selected for the PFC mentoring program?
    Freshmen have the opportunity to request a peer mentor during New Patriot Orientation. Mentors will be assigned in the summer and will begin contacting you before the fall semester. During Welcome Week the PFC will host a Mentor Meet & Greet where you can get to know your mentor.
  3. Is participation in the PFC mentoring program required?
    Students are not required to participate in the program; however, we strongly encourage that you request a peer and use them for support during your first year.
  4. Who are the mentors for this program?
    Peer mentors are current sophomores, juniors and seniors at UT Tyler. They vary by major and interests and have been involved in various activities on campus. Many peer mentors have served as Orientation Leaders at UT Tyler. All peer mentors are recommended by a faculty or staff member on campus.
  5. How can I figure out who my mentor is?
    If you do not know who your mentor is, please contact us at Be sure that you are checking your Patriots email for messages from your mentors.
  6. How will my mentors get in touch with me?
    If you have not designated how you wish to be contacted, your mentor will try to reach via your Patriots email. Be sure that you are continually checking your Patriots email so that you don't miss them. You should also check your junk mail folder in case the emails get sent to that box. Mentors may also contact you via phone or through social media. If you prefer a certain method of contact, let you mentors know what works best for you.
  7. What all does a mentor do?
    Mentors assist students in a variety of ways. Mentors can provide guidance for students who have questions or concerns, help students become involved on campus, encourage group activities, promote connection through UT Tyler events and be a support system for anything that might come up during the first year.
  8. How do I become a mentor for the PFC?
    Any student interested in becoming a mentor for the PFC should send an email to Students interested in becoming peer mentors are required to have 30 or more hours complete.