Bulk Mail

UT Tyler Physical Plant

Calculate Postage -- This is a good estimate of what your mail will cost but does not always come out correctly. If you need an exact amount please call or email us, or call the Tyler post office in the Contact Us section.

International Customs Forms -- When sending contents internationally, you will need to fill out customs forms for certain items. The first form is for items weighing more than 16 ounces but no more than 4 pounds. The second form is for items that are 4 pounds or more. If you are unsure, it is safest to fill out the one you think will fit the category the closest.

IF you send out a number of international packages that are over 4 pounds, it is suggested that you order these from USPS for free.

Category Declared Value Form Notes
Priority Mail International All Values This Customs Form and This Customs Form Must be marked PRIORITY.
First Class Mail International Over 16ozs but under 4lbs 2976 Most flats will need this customs form.
First Class Mail International Over 4lbs 2976A If you are unsure of the weight, and it is a book, it is suggested you use this form.