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Energy Management

UT Tyler Physical Plant

The energy management department of the Physical Plant is dedicated to monitoring and reporting any issues that deal with:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Refuse
  • Campus Elevators

What does the energy manager do?

Duties and areas of responsibility for the energy manager, which encompass the main campus, Longview University Center, Palestine Expansion Center and Mathis Hall, include:

  • Reviewing energy audits, reports and proposed related energy procurement.
  • Reviewing utility invoices for accuracy and savings opportunities.
  • Creating graphs and reporting for electricity, natural gas water and refuse.
  • Implementing the work order system, which includes general work requests.
  • Scheduling preventative maintenance on equipment for all three campuses.
  • Traveling to satellite campuses to inspect equipment and building sites.
  • Utilizing campus classroom scheduling to better manage HVAC systems on campus.
  • Using Texas Higher Education Board software to gather information concerning space allocation.
  • Conducting monthly elevator inspections and scheduling annual state inspections

The energy management department is lead by Rich Legler. He may be contacted with questions or concerns about any of the issues above by phone at 903.566.7385 or email at rlegler@uttyler.edu.

Please contact Rich Legler with any of the following as well:

  • To report an elevator issue or outage.
  • To report wasteful energy.
  • To share energy saving ideas for the campus.

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