Pre-Professional Programs at UT Tyler

Continuing your studies in seminary or theological school after receiving your bachelor's degree is a very important commitment and one that requires a good deal of thought and research on your part.

Theology is a very broad career choice and includes not only the parish ministry, but areas as diverse as teaching, publishing, counseling, children and youth ministry, mission work, Christian education, lay leadership or institutional administration.

Undergraduate Major

The American Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada does not recommend any single major, however it does recommend that pre-seminary studies place emphasis on a strong liberal arts program. Select a major that you not only enjoy but one that will demand excellence in critical thinking, expository and persuasive writing, oral communication, critical reading, research and organization. Also, seek out courses and instructors requiring research papers, substantial reading, essay exams and oral presentations.

Undergraduate Minor and Electives

It is suggested that students combine their chosen major with a minor in philosophy, which is the most highly recommended area of study for a student preparing for theology school.

Choose electives that complement your major with in-depth understanding of human selfhood and existence, modern social institutions and problems, culture and religion, and science and technology. Because language is an important part of theological studies and because most seminaries expect students to have two years of college-level foreign language, the B.A. degree is recommended.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Many seminaries and theological schools will look for applicants who have participated in meaningful extra-curricular activities that enhance concepts of citizenship, leadership and service. As a pre-theology student you should become involved in student government, athletics, peer mentoring and campus religious activities.

Pre-Theology Advising

For more information regarding a pre-theology program, contact

Dr. Michael Millett
College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center
University of Texas at Tyler
3900 University Blvd.
Tyler, TX 75799

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