Health Sciences MS

Health Sciences MS

Conduct and contribute to research related to health promotion and disease prevention. Work side-by-side with faculty who are experienced across a broad spectrum of health issues and careers, including proven experience in managing health crises, conducting AIDS research and training HIV/AIDS workers, and working in the field of epidemiology. Gain a strong foundation for both professional leadership roles and the pursuit of more advanced degrees in the field of health.

Choose Your Path

Choose from five areas of focus to meet your career goals: Health and Behavior, Global Health Issues, Community Health and Wellness, Risk Analysis and Health Promotion, and Program Development and Evaluation.

Classes You'll Take

Research Design

Explore designs commonly employed in research in health and exercise sciences.

Health Behavior

Study theories and models as they may be applied to health-related community efforts and individual behavior-change programs.


Study the application of epidemiologic findings to the planning of health services.

A Growing Study

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for managers in medical and health services is expected to grow 16 percent during this decade.

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