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Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Psychology program provides the opportunity for the student to understand, evaluate, and counsel persons with psychological problems, and to draw upon community resources for assistance in working with these persons. During completion of the 60-hour M.S. degree and approved practica, the student is provided the opportunity to administer psychological tests and use various techniques of counseling and psychotherapy with an emphasis in cognitive behavioral therapy. Students who complete all requirements in the clinical area, and who become licensed, often work in psychiatric hospitals, in mental health centers, or with doctorate-level psychologists in private practice. Students may complete a general program of study in clinical psychology or may choose one of two subplans described below. The M.S. degree plan fulfills the educational requirements necessary to qualify for the Licensed Psychological Associate licensure from the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists.

A Specialization in Neuropsychology is available for graduate students completing an M.S. in Clinical Psychology. The clinical neuropsychology subplan is also available for students with a master's or doctoral degree who desire training in neuropsychology. The sequence of courses includes brain functioning and neuroanatomy, psychopharmacology, organic mental diseases, diagnosis and neuropsychological assessment.

Admission Requirements and Application Procedure

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology Degree Plans

M.S. in Clinical Psychology - General                    Degree Plan

M.S. in Clinical Psychology – Neuropsychology Subplan            Degree Plan


Note: Substitutions to meet individual needs and interests are possible with prior advisor approval.