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UT Tyler Psychology and Counseling

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

Program Objectives and Goals

The Ph.D. program in clinical psychology at the University of Texas at Tyler is a scientist-practitioner based program which provides high quality academic, research, and clinical training with under-served populations.  Our focus is on training students to work with veterans, in rural mental health settings, and in geropsychology.   Training in cultural diversity issues is infused throughout the curriculum.  Students will receive specialized courses and clinical training in these 3 areas during their time in the program.   Students are mentored by clinical faculty in research and provide supervision of their clinical work along the way.  A thesis and dissertation is required.  Clinical training is provided in our on-campus clinic and in a number of agencies in the East Texas area.  Students receive a generous stipend /financial aid package that allow them to focus on their academic and professional goals and involve research and teaching activities.   Upon completion of our program, students will be able to become licensed psychologists and work in a variety of academic, medical, or clinical settings.   Since we are a new Ph.D. program, we plan to seek contingent accreditation from APA within the first three years of our program and full accreditation within seven years.  Our program objectives are as follows:

  1. Program graduates are trained as scientist-practitioners who have a diverse knowledge of the scientific and behavioral foundations of psychology.
  2. Program graduates are capable of developing, conducting, and reporting research knowledge through their own program of independent research.
  3. Program graduates are competent to assess, diagnose, and treat psychological disorders using evidence based practices.
  4. Program graduates are trained in ethics, diversity issues, and professional issues related to clinical practice and research.
  5. Program graduates have specialty clinical and research training in underserved populations such as the elderly, rural mental health, and military/veterans mental health issues.

Our program values diversity with respect to gender, ethnicity, age, religious beliefs, and/or sexual orientation. We do not discriminate based on these factors regarding program admission or completion.

Applications to our program are due by February 8, 2020 and questions can be directed to Ms. Kristie Allen, graduate admissions advisor, or Dr. Dennis Combs, director.

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