UT Tyler Psychology and Counseling

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

Diversity Statement

The Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at UT Tyler recognizes the importance of cultural diversity and inclusion, including in the training of clinical psychologists.  Our program focuses on working with underserved populations, including older adults, military veterans, and people from rural areas.  Our program considers diversity with respect to cultural and individual differences in age, gender, sexual orientation, language, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, and socioeconomic status. In addition to these domains, other areas valued in our program include military/veteran status, first generation college students, and recognizing disparities in mental health and medical care that may be important considerations in our work.  

Our program is committed to promoting equitable representation in clinical psychology through recruitment and retention efforts of students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.  The program, college, and university aim to follow non-discriminatory policies and to reduce barriers to inclusion of diverse populations in the field of psychology and in our program and department.  The department supports the inclusion of student voices on these issues in our program meetings.  We are committed to the development of cultural competency and cultural humility.  Our program seeks to be inclusive of all types of diversity, culture, and individual differences in a welcoming, collaborative, and supportive manner. As a public institution, admission is open to all qualified students; we have no religious affiliation.  We conduct a comprehensive, holistic review of all applicants and encourage applicants from diverse background to apply to our program.