Applying for Graduation

Office of the Registrar

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, a student must fulfill graduation requirements as established in the catalog in effect at the time of their matriculation or, if the student has formally elected to adopt requirements from a subsequent catalog, the requirements from that catalog. Requirements from a catalog over six years old may be used to determine requirements for a degree only if the student has been enrolled continuously in all fall and spring terms each year.

Pre-Graduation Advising

All students should meet with their academic advisor(s) regularly. A pre-graduation review prior to the semester in which they plan to file for graduation is especially important to verify students are on track to graduate and have no outstanding items beyond their final semester or course work still pending.

First Date to File

Students may begin to apply for graduation for any given semester as early as nine months prior to the Final Filing Deadline for their semester of graduation, as outlined in the chart below.

Priority Filing Dates

In order to facilitate a timely pre-graduation review of their graduation eligibility, all students are highly encouraged to apply prior to the priority filing date for their term of graduation, as listed below.

Final Filing Deadlines

All students must file for graduation no later than the final filing deadline, as listed below, for the term in which they wish to graduate. The Final Filing Deadlines for fall and spring terms are also the deadline for inclusion in the commencement program. Once the Final Filing Deadline has passed for any given term that term will no longer be available for selection from the Apply for Graduation menu in Student Center, and students must apply for the next available term.

 Note: All Final Filing Deadlines will be extended to the next available business day in the event they fall on a weekend or holiday.

Graduation Term First Date to File Priority Filing Date Final Filing Deadline
Fall January 2 April 15 October 1
Spring June 1 November 15 March 1
Summer* September 15 February 15 June 15


*Summer graduates must participate in the following fall commencement ceremony, and are automatically included in the program. Early participation in the preceding spring ceremony is not permitted.' 


Applying for Graduation
Access the detailed How-To Apply for Graduation Guide for a step by step instruction on how to complete the application process.

Caps, gowns and other graduation-related items are available for purchase in the UT Tyler Bookstore located in the University Center. 

Graduation App Access Fee

Prior to applying for graduation, students must pay the Graduation App Access Fee; see the tutorial document below for instructions. Please note that this fee is good for one application, and is neither refundable nor transferrable. 

Students who are completing dual degrees (e.g. MBA + MSN or BSN + BA) must pay a separate fee for each degree.
Double Major students earning a single degree pay only one fee.
Students who have withdrawn their applications or been denied must pay a new fee when re-applying.
Students completing non-degree certificate programs do not pay this fee or complete the standard Applying for Graduation process. See your academic department for directions on completing a certificate program.

Note on Final Graduation Requirements

All 'Incomplete / In-Progress' grades, official transcripts for external coursework, and other evidence of outstanding requirements must be submitted no later than thirty (30) days following the final day of the semester. Failure to submit evidence of all outstanding items by this deadline for any student will result in denial of graduation, and the student will need to refile for graduation (including paying the graduation fee again) after addressing the missing items.

Transcripts for external coursework should be mailed to:

The University of Texas at Tyler
Office of Admissions
3900 University Blvd., STE 230
Tyler, Texas 75799