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Diplomas for graduates are ordered prior to degrees being verified and posted each term. Once ordered, the diplomas take 4-6 weeks to ship from the publisher. Upon their arrival, diplomas for graduates are mailed to the Diploma Physical Mailing Address provided by each student in their myUTTyler Student Center. You will receive a notification to your Patriots' email once your diploma has been sent out to your diploma physical mailing address. Should students need to change this address for any reason, they may do so via their myUTTyler Student Center, or through the One-Stop Service Center (STE 230). Any changes should be made by the last day of the graduating term to ensure they are received and updated prior to diplomas being mailed. To verify an updated address on file, email .

Duplicate diplomas are ordered monthly and take 4-6 weeks to ship from the publisher. Upon arrival, duplicate diplomas are mailed to the address provided on the Diploma Reorder Form.

All diplomas are shipped exclusively via FedEx Home Delivery mail in mailers constructed of sturdy cardboard stock designed to protect each diploma. Mailers are marked "Diploma - Do Not Bend"; undeliverable diplomas will be returned to the University. Please note that the mailers do not require signatures and will be left on front doorsteps and are not immune to adverse weather or shipping and handling damages.

If a diploma is damaged during delivery, students have a maximum of one full academic term to contact with proof of the damages and request a reorder at no expense; normal order times will still apply. After one full academic term has lapsed, all applicable fees will apply. Diplomas that are lost in the mail follow the same time lines. 

Some postal carriers will not deliver diplomas to certain addresses due to the size of the mailers and 'do not bend' instructions, so students may be required to pick up their diploma at their local FedEx office. Diplomas sent to P.O. Box addresses are considered invalid and will not be mailed out until we receive a diploma physical mailing address.


Effective Summer 2018, the size of UT Tyler diplomas varies based on the level of degree each student has earned. Diplomas for baccalaureate degrees measure 8 1/2"  x 11", and those for master's and doctoral degrees measure 11" x 14".

All diploma reprints ordered via Diploma Reorder Forms will follow this sizing convention.

Diploma Honors, Degrees and Majors

Undergraduate students who have earned academic honors with their baccalaureate degrees will have those honors reflected on their diploma.

Each diploma includes both the degree earned and major field(s) of study. Minors and sub-plans earned as part of students' degrees are not included on the diploma, but are reflected on the official transcript.

Note: Diplomas for students whose degrees already include their major field of study in the degree title, such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences or Master of Business Administration, will not have the major field of study listed a second time.

Diploma Names

All diplomas ordered for graduating students (and Commencement programs) will be printed with the primary legal name on file with the University for each student; duplicate/replacement diplomas will be ordered with the name listed on the Diploma Reorder Form.

Students wishing to change their name with the University must follow the standard name change procedures. This applies to all name changes including those resulting from marriage, divorce, or the correction of incorrect name submissions at the time of admission (including capitalization and punctuation issues). Names changed after the diploma order has been placed will not be reflected on the diplomas when they arrive back from the printer; students should submit changes prior to the deadline established in the graduation application confirmation email to ensure the changes are processed prior to the diploma order. Students who miss this cutoff will be required to place a duplicate diploma order, and pay the associated fee, to have a new copy ordered with the updated name.

Returned Diplomas

Each diploma mailer is marked to be returned to UT Tyler if it is undeliverable. Any time a diploma is returned in this manner, the Office of the Registrar will make every attempt to reach the student and obtain an updated diploma physical mailing address. Diplomas will be held for no longer than one calendar year from the graduation date of the term the diploma was issued for; if a diploma remains undeliverable or unclaimed beyond this period, the document will be destroyed and the student will be responsible for ordering a duplicate diploma if they inquire after all contact attempts have failed and the holding period has lapsed.


Students who have a hold due to an outstanding balance with the University, or who have not yet completed mandatory Exit Loan Counseling, will not be eligible to receive their diplomas.

Both holds are viewable in the Holds section of myUTTyler Student Center. Each hold has instruction text that includes hold resolution and contact information.

Students with an outstanding balance will have a Financial Hold placed on their account. This will block release of official transcripts, access to grades, enrollments, and the release of diplomas. Please contact Student Business Services to resolve this hold.

Student loan borrowers who have not completed mandatory Exit Loan Counseling will have an Exit Loan Counseling Needed hold placed on their account. This will block release of official transcripts, access to grades and release of diplomas. If completed early, Exit Loan Counseling will have no bearing on students' repayment schedule, which begins six (6) months after graduation or the last term of half-time (or greater) enrollment.

Diplomas withheld due to these holds will be held until such time that the outstanding balance has been paid or the Exit Loan Counseling has been completed, up to a maximum of six (6) months. Any students whose diplomas have remained unclaimed after six (6)  months will be sent a final notice email with a one week deadline; should their holds remain unresolved after this final deadline, their diploma will be disposed of. In this scenario, the student will be responsible for ordering any desired copies of their diploma at their own expense per the Duplicate and Replacement Diploma policy.

Once all applicable holds have been resolved, the student’s diploma will be mailed to the diploma physical mailing address on file. If this address needs to be updated, students may do so via their myUTTyler Student Center, or if you're myUTTyler Student Center has been deactivated, please refer to the Request to Change Student Record Information Form

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