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Candidates for Baccalaureate degrees may graduate with academic honors if they complete a minimum of 45 semester hours of undergraduate credit at UT Tyler. Only semester hours which earn grade point credit may be used to satisfy the 45-semester hour requirement*. Second Baccalaureate degree candidates are eligible for academic honors if they complete a minimum of 45 semester credit hours of resident credit in addition to the hours required for the first degree. No duplication of hours from a previous degree can be used toward the 45 hour requirement. Honors will be awarded to students attaining the following final grade point averages:

Summa Cum Laude

3.90 to 4.00

Magna Cum Laude

3.70 to 3.89

Cum Laude

3.50 to 3.69

This recognition will be noted on the student's transcript and diploma after official verification of final grades and posting of the degree. Honor Cords will be presented at the graduation ceremony.

* Credits earned exclusively by examination, CR/NC or Pass/Fail courses will not count toward honors requirements.

Commencement Note: For the purposes of the program, announcements and cords awarded on stage at the Commencement Ceremonies, honors eligibility will be based upon hours and grade point averages as-of the last term completed prior to graduation. For example, Fall honors at commencement are based on hours and GPA totals as-of the end of Summer.

Students who first become eligible for honors upon completion of their final term, or who become eligible for a higher (or lower) level of honors at that time, will have their final honors status reflected on their transcript and diploma.

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