About the Office of Research and Scholarship


The Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS) facilitates, enhances and strengthens faculty and student research and scholarship by providing services from identifying funding sources to post-award management and compliance.  The ORS staff assist faculty and staff in achieving their research goals by helping them navigate the increasingly complex and competitive world of external funding sources. The office is located on the third floor of the Stewart Administration building.

Internal Grants and Faculty Development Leave

The ORS manages the Internal Grants program that offers six categories of awards to support faculty and staff research.  A new Faculty Development Leave program is available for tenured faculty to enable them to travel to a different location for up to one year to conduct research and scholarship.

Pre-Award Support

Pre-award support services include sharing news of funding opportunities; providing grant writing, reviewing, and editing services when requested; processing external grant proposals; providing faculty training; and negotiating and securing grant agreements and contracts.  

Post-Award Support

Post-award support services includes setting up awarded projects and contracts in the university's accounting system, verifying grant expenses, and providing regular budget and spending updates to project directors and principal investigators.


ORS staff assist the university's Institutional Review Board (IRB) with updating forms and policies as needed to comply with federal regulations (CFR 45, Part 46 - Protections of Human Subjects), processing protocols for proposed research involving human subjects, and monitoring IRB-required faculty and student training.  In addition, ORS staff assist the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Research Council, and the Intellectual Property Advisory Committee (IPAC) as needed.  Training modules are provided for investigators, faculty, and students to ensure compliance with federal, state, UT System, and UT Tyler regulations and policies, including Conflict of Interest and Commitment, Responsible Conduct of Research, and Intellectual Property Policy Agreement.