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The hub of innovation and entrepreneurship at The University of Texas at Tyler.

Our goal is to spark innovation, foster entrepreneurship, commercialize technology, and boost economic development. Through our targeted programs, we nurture an innovative and dynamic culture that engages our students, faculty, staff, and the wider community.

We are passionate about igniting creativity and driving meaningful change. Our mission is to empower individuals to transform their ideas into thriving ventures, significantly contributing to the growth and prosperity of East Texas. Join us in creating a vibrant ecosystem where creativity meets opportunity, and every vision has the potential to become a reality. Together, we can turn today's innovations into tomorrow's successes.


Our competitions provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and problem-solvers to showcase their ideas, develop their skills, and make impactful connections. We foster an environment where students are not only learners but also creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. 

Sufain Presenting

Big Idea Pitch

Open to ALL Students! The Big Idea Pitch is an easy, early stage business idea pitch competition designed to identify a pain in the marketplace. You do not need to be a business student; follow a simple format and present your idea!

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Maliha & Aryan the 2024 BMC winners

New Venture Pitch

The New Venture Pitch is designed to test and validate your big idea, make changes (iterations or pivots) based on evidence found and insights gained, and repeat this process until the crucial aspects of your business are fully validated.

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2024 ETX High School Idea Challenge Winners

ETX High School Idea Challenge

The ETX High School Idea Challenge, the region's largest innovation competition for high school students, aims to encourage, support, and inspire the next generation of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

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Announcements and Events

October 23, 2024

2024 Big Idea Pitch

Plan to enter or attend this 60 second pitch competition. It is open to all students.  Apply before 10/20/24.

April 3, 2025

2025 New Venture Pitch

This compeition uses the Idea Canvas to present your validated venture idea.  The first round application is open from 10/28/24 - 2/2/25.