ORS Research Design & Data Analysis Lab Consultants

Office of Research and Scholarship


Ashleigh Day, Ph.D.


College of Arts & Sciences


Qualitative Research Consultant 
Phone: 903.566.7095
Email: aday@uttyler.edu
Office: CAS 229

My research interests center around applied communication regarding crisis, risk, and health contexts. I frequently ask research questions from a critical interpretivist perspective; however, I also find social scientific perspectives useful and applicable to certain research contexts. I approach research by focusing on pragmatic questions, readily employing qualitative designs. and, sometimes, mixed-method designs.

Regarding qualitative approaches, I can offer consulting for:

  • Research questions
  • General research design
  • Interview guides
  • Interview protocol
  • Interviewing
  • Qualitative content analysis
  • Using multiple forms of data collection (e.g., participant observation, interviews, follow-up interviews)
  • Data analysis, such as the iterative approach to qualitative data analysis, etc.
  • Data saturation
  • The utility of ATLAS.ti analysis software
  • Illuminating your findings

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Venugopal Gopalakrishna-Remani

Venugopal Gopalakrishna-Remani, Ph.D.

Soules College of Business

Quantitative Research Consultant
Phone: 903.565.5807
Email: venugopal@uttyler.edu
Office: COB 350.49 

My current research interests include healthcare operations, servant leadership, the negative effects of outsourcing, green supply chains, and sustainable supply chain operations on firm performance. My primary teaching interests are Operations Management and Healthcare Management and include green supply chains.

Regarding quantitative analysis, I can offer consulting for:

  • Using Excel, SPSS, and AMOS software
  • Research and theories
  • Extending standard multivariate analysis
  • Regression, factor analysis, correlation, and confirmatory factor analysis
  • Structural equation modeling and path analysis
  • Understanding latent variables.
  • Effective Data Display with charts
  • Retrieving Data for Analysis using Lookup
  • Organizing data for effective analysis
  • Using conditional formatting
  • Interpreting your findings

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Premananda Indic, Ph.D.


College of Engineering

Machine Learning Consultant
Phone: N/A
Email: pindic@uttyler.edu
Office: RBN 2010 

My research experiences are in the area of advanced biomedical signal processing, time series analysis, biomathematical modeling and machine learning. The primary focus of my research is to identify precursors of life-threatening events from the physiological signals and develop algorithms for the anticipation of life-threatening events.

Regarding machine learning analysis, I can offer consulting for:

  • Time series analysis
  • Analysis of biomedical signals
  • Development of mathematical models
  • Understanding physiological systems
  • Understanding latent variables
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Research design methodology
  • Standard machine learning approaches

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