Fire Drills

Environmental Health and Safety

Fire drills are conducted to familiarize the building occupants with the sound of the fire alarm, the emergency exits that are available and the procedure for safely evacuating the building.

It is important and mandatory that all occupants of any building on campus participate in scheduled fire drills.

Occupants normally enter the elevator from the lobby, ride to a particular floor and walk along known paths to their destination. They usually make no effort to discover other means of egress which could be used in a fire or other emergency situation. The fire drill creates the opportunity to plan ahead for such emergencies and decreases the chances of confusion and panic that can cause injuries or fatalities.

All fire drills are announced in advance and your reaction to the fire alarm should be as though it was an actual fire. These exercises are conducted at least twice a year in all student housing, and once a year in campus buildings.

Fire drills may seem a nuisance, but in many fires victims have panicked and reverted to foolish actions.

In student housing, for instance, people have hidden in closets when a safe exit was very nearby. Victims have been found under beds and crouched in shower stalls. Many have jumped to their deaths from rooms where no fire had penetrated, and only seconds before a fire department ladder had reached the window.

Perhaps if these people had been more familiar with escape routes or had not delayed escape, they would have survived the toxic smoke and fire.

All occupants must vacate the building whenever a fire alarm sounds.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 7011.

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