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Work-Related Injuries

Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI) provided by The University of Texas at Tyler (UT Tyler) is funded by The University of Texas System (UT System) through a self-insured WC program. Cannon Cochran Management Services Inc. (CCMSI) administers this program. Administering the program includes receiving, investigating, and making liability determinations on WCI claims; determining the reasonableness and necessity of medical treatment and services; generating income benefit payments to injured employees and medical payments to health care providers. All employees of UT Tyler whose names appear on the payroll are eligible for Workers' Compensation Insurance.

The Environmental Health and Safety Department is responsible for coordinating the UT Tyler Workers' Compensation Program. The UT Tyler EH&S Office serves as a facilitator between UT Tyler injured employees and all UT System WC Insurance entities by submitting appropriate forms in a timely manner and making every effort to negotiate modified duty assignments.

  • Employees who experience a work-related injury are required to communicate the incident immediately to their supervisor.
  • The injured employee, supervisor or designee are advised to notify the UT Tyler EH&S Office of the injury at 903-566-7011 or email about the incident.
  • Employees are required to report all injuries/illnesses within twenty-four (24) hours, even if they do not need medical attention.

Injury Reporting Forms: email completed forms to

Employees who choose to receive medical attention, please be advised:

  • UT System has contracted with Injury Management Organization Med Select, a certified workers' compensation health care network, to provide medical care for employees who experience a work-related injury. Click here to find a provider:
  • In an emergency situation, employees should seek care from the nearest urgent care facility or hospital ER. However, follow-up care must be received from a network provider. Your treating doctor will coordinate all medical care and make referrals for diagnostic testing or to be seen by a specialist.
  • Unless the injured employee has received medical treatment from an unauthorized physician, the employee should not be billed directly for health care intended to treat a work-related injury. If the employee receives a bill from a health care provider, the employee is advised to send the invoice to the HR Office immediately. All medical related expenses are subject to fee guidelines established by Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation.
  • The WCI representative may provide the description of the circumstances and nature of the injury, including any information related to the incident location with a safety representative from the University of Texas at Tyler Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management offices for the purpose of accident and injury prevention and as part of ongoing workplace safety programs. 



Required Employer Notices

Other Forms & Resources

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Form 23P – Injury Leave for Peace Officers

RxBridge First Fill Form - for payment of perscriptions related to the injjury

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WC Network Opt-in form - if you live out of network you may opt into receiving treatment from an in-network provider

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