Student Business Services

How to Use Your P2 Card

Your P2 Card has a magstripe on the back of it and a contactless chip embedded within the card. It is important that you do not punch a hole into your card or misuse your card in a way that will damage the magstripes or the chip.

Contactless Chip

The contactless chip functionality can now be used with door card readers. You must tap your card onto the door reader controller for your card to work. If you live at Ornelas Hall, Liberty Landing or Patriot Village, you will use your P2 card to get into the perimeter doors by tapping your card on the door card reader. You will use your P2 card on your room door by swiping the black magstripe through the reader.

Black Magstripe

The black magstripe on your P2 card gains you access to your meal plan, computer labs, Cowan Center, library, UT Tyler health clinic and your room doors at Ornelas Hall, Liberty Landing and Patriot Village. This magstripe also gives you access to your Patriot Bucks, Dining Dollars, and Pharos funds. Functionality through the black magstripe will continue to work as long as you are a current student, faculty or staff even if the expiration on the face of the card has passed.