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Service Learning


Course: BIOL 3334- Cell Biology

Instructor: Brent Bill

Service-Learning Project: Providing science lessons at the Discovery Science Place on Science Saturdays

Description: Course enrollment 69 students. Students were divided into groups of three or four. The teams are to design and deliver 15-30 minute presentations on an assigned topic to patrons of the Discovery Science Place. Students meet with the instructor three times prior to the presentation. During the first meeting, ideas for the presentation are discussed, including resources needed to successfully present their topic. During the second meeting, the interactive portion of the presentation is rehearsed, i.e., students run the experiment that they will be using to demonstrate the idea embedded in their topic. The third meeting is a dress rehearsal of the presentation. In class time is approximately 3-5 hours, and the out of class time varies among the groups.

All the presentations are recorded, and posted on Canvas, so that the other students may view the presentations. This has a dual purpose of demonstrating style and success to other students who will give future presentations, and providing classmates the chance to hear topics that are being discussed in the classroom dissected to a basic level. The goal for this project is that by being prepared to teach a subject students will learn the topic better, and succeed in the classroom.

Grading: Students receive points for each of our three meetings, and a grade is given on their final presentations. The presentation is the equivalent of a test grade.

Reflection: Reflection is guided through completion of a questionnaire that queries their experience, what they learned, and the effort levels of the different group members.

Reactions: The Executive Director of the Discovery Science Place has been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the presentations, and the program has really exceeded his expectations. Our success has even opened the door for other classes to come over, and do presentations at the Discovery Science Place. A couple of teachers at the local junior high schools have also attended, and expressed to me that they are very happy that this program is in place for their students. I am still in the process of evaluating what worked and what needs to be improved, but I have already talked to the Discovery Science Center, and they have agreed that I can extend this program into my summer session Section of Cell Biology.

Course: NURS 4501

Service-Learning Project: East Texas Human Needs Network Point in Time Survey: Jan. 22, 2015

Nursing students enrolled in the senior level community health nursing course participated in the homeless survey to meet service learning requirements for their clinical course. The activity helped students meet multiple learning outcomes for the clinical course. The agenda for the evening included training to help students understand homelessness and how to conduct the point in time survey. Students then had the opportunity to eat a meal provided by the Salvation Army Canteen. After the dinner, students were divided into teams and sent to either the Salvation Army or other “known” locations including a soup kitchen, hotels/motels, emergency rooms, and streets. Street teams were accompanied by an officer of the Tyler Police Department. At the conclusion of the activity, students returned to the gym for a time of discussion and reflection about the experience. The activity helped meet the following learning outcomes:

  1. Assess populations in the community for health status and health needs
  2. Identify and prioritize actual and potential health problems for specific populations
  3. Collaborate with health and human service agencies to address population health concerns.
  4. Utilizes critical thinking to identify gaps in the health care of vulnerable populations and identifies potential resources to mitigate those gaps.
  5. Document in a comprehensive, organized, and clearly stated manner.

KYTX 19: Volunteers Survey Homeless Population in Cold Rain


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