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Project Sight


Begin college with the end in SIGHT. The University of Texas at Tyler wants students to be able to see their goal from the starting line.  By utilizing a team of alumni, faculty, staff and peers, students will be able to see the finish line, discover their passion, and receive encouragement to pursue it, and acquire resources and support resulting in the career of their choice within 4 years. 

Alumni Expectations

The University of Texas at Tyler is seeking alumni to serve as mentors to current students. It is an opportunity for alumni to share their story, provide information on how to overcome obstacles, and what it takes to become career ready. It is an opportunity to contribute to the university and build a lifelong connection with future alumni.  

How Project:Sight Works:

Alumni and students will be paired based on similar fields of interest. The group will have at minimum, an alumnus, faculty/staff member, and a student mentor that will work within the group.  The mentors will serve as a support system and provide information on a regular basis based on topics that are given by the University.  The program will be facilitated using the University’s learning management system, Canvas.


Topics include but are not limited to

o     Making the most of the student experience

o     How to become academically successful

o     How to prepare for their career

o     The importance of getting involved


Alumni Requirements

Minimum Involvement

Alumni will be required

o   to contact their group at least 3 times a semester which could include

o   phone calls

o   virtual discussions

o   in person meetings

o   networking events

o   podcasts

o   Provide an update to university designee regarding mentee for follow-up/assessment purposes.


Preferred Involvement

o     Make contact with mentees at least once every two weeks. 

o      Host on-campus & off-campus events for their group.

o     Willing to participate for more than 1 year.


How to Sign-Up:




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