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Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE)

Statement of Purpose/Organization Description:The mission of the UT Tyler ATMAE student chapter is to carry out the purposes and objectives of the association for the benefit of the students in Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering degree programs through engaging students in campus activities, community service, annual fund raising, and through both individual and team competitions at ATMAE’s annual conferences. Individuals in ATMAE pursue careers in: Plant Manager Quality Assurance Manager Industrial Engineering Project Engineer Technical Salesperson Lean Six Sigma Warehousing ATMAE also offers students the opportunities to obtain various certificates as technology managers (CTM), manufacturing specialist (CMS), and Lean Six Sigma (Yellow, Green, or Black belt). For more information go to our national organization website at www.atmae.org 

Organization Contacts

Tim Rens, Authorized Student Representative

Kevin Brinkley, Authorized Student Representative

Mitchell Trocino, Authorized Student Representative

Dr. Heshium Lawrence, Advisor

Organization e-mail address:atmae@gmail.com

National Organization affiliation:atmae.org


Updated as of 4/9/18

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