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Sophomore Year Experience

General Information

The Department of Student Life & Leadership hosts many events throughout the school year but there are events specifically for second-year students.  These events focus on topics that students will face during their second year at UT Tyler.  All students regardless of classification are welcome to participate in these events.  For more information regarding these events please click on the links below. 

Sophomore Year Photo Project

A intentional program where students visually document their personal experience and transition during their sophomore year. It will encourage students to examine their personal identity, encourage personal & professional growth, and enhance their UT Tyler experience. At the end of the semester, the photos are then complied into a short video.

Sophomore Slump Series

1-hour sessions in which various offices talk with sophomores on how to be successful during their 2nd year.  More information about this program will be posted at a later time.

S’More Studying

An active program at the end of the fall semester where students receive s’mores, network with others, and share best study habits for finals. The Spring 2018 event will be held on April 30, 2018 in the University Center.

Sophomore Retreat

More information about this program will be available Fall 2018.  If interested in this event please e-mail getconnected@uttyler.edu 

New-Year Resolution Project

Similar to the Sophomore Year Photo Project, this project will be focused specifically on student’s new-year’s resolutions. Students would be required to submit their resolution in order to participate. Over the course of the spring semester, students will upload their video and share their programs on their resolution. This program will help keep students accountable and stay on-track. It will also motivate others who view the videos. At the end of the semester, a complied video will be made and shared at the leadership & service awards ceremony.  

Sophomores Lead & Serve

In conjunction with the Office of Leadership & Service there are programs where students can participate in leadership & service programs.  For more information about these programs please visit: http://www.uttyler.edu/community/index.php 

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