Student Success

A message from the Vice President

A message from the Vice President for Student Success: 

UT Tyler Patriot,

I am grateful to have students back at UT Tyler. The campus is energized by your presence whether you are in person or virtual. In these challenging times, you have not been far from the thoughts of every member of our campus community. Even as I write this letter, Texas is on the verge of being impacted by severe weather. Your very presence in our community is a testament to your resiliency. I am humbled by your dedication to pursuing your education.

Your UT Tyler community is just as dedicated to you. Faculty, staff, administrators and students have been working for months as part of the Reboot Task Force to address the best methods for delivering quality education and experiences, keeping your health and safety at the forefront. The University’s Procedures for Fall 2020 Return to Normal Operations outlines how we plan to support you as you pursue your education.

If the campus is to remain open and operational, we have to do our part. We each have to commit to taking personal responsibility for using the tools we have learned to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Of the many details found in the plan, the personal actions we make as individuals will determine whether we remain open and offering as much of a traditional semester as possible. In order to continue with face-to-face courses and experiences we must be vigilant about wearing masks, keeping social distance both on and off campus and washing our hands.

While I wish for a more traditional college experience where you could participate in large events and attend parties, now is not the time. I understand your desires and expectations, and even the frustration with the current state of affairs; however, the more vigilant you are at maintaining distance and not participating in events with large crowds the sooner society can move to more traditional day-to day opportunities.

The health and safety of our campus is a priority. In order to support your education and to allow you an opportunity to complete the semester without interruption or cancellation we must enforce a strict expectation that members of our community will refrain from hosting or participating in events, meetings, parties or other activities with large gatherings. Students found in flagrant violation of University policy or the Governor’s Executive Order will be referred to the Dean of Students for adjudication by Student Conduct and Intervention.

 I know these are harsh words, but your health is important to me. Please do your part to maintain a healthy campus community. Let’s do what only a few other campuses across the country are doing, keeping our doors open so that you can have the best experience possible.

 Stay vigilant, hold each other accountable and do your part!

 With Patriot Pride,

 Ona Tolliver, M.Ed.

Vice President for Student Success

The University of Texas at Tyler

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