Student Services

Medical Withdrawal / Course Load Reduction

Students who experience a significant and unforeseeable medical or mental health condition, compromising the student's ability to effectively participate in their educational program, may request a complete withdrawal or a reduction (one or more, but not all courses for a semester) in their course loads without unnecessary academic penalty. All requests will require documentation from a medical/mental health professional. 

A medical withdrawal/course load reduction from the university can be granted only for the current or two immediately preceding semesters. 

Dropping or withdrawing from classes may affect financial aid eligibility, veteran's benefits, athletic eligibility, housing, or international student status. Students must consult with those departments prior to dropping or withdrawing.  All drops or withdrawals approved for undergraduate students will result in grades of “Q” that are exempt from the 6-Drop Rule. Graduate and pharmacy students receive "W" grades.

Request Procedures

To request a medical withdrawal/course load reduction a student will submit an online  Application for Medical Withdrawal/ Course Load Reduction and upload provider documentation to support their request from a licensed doctor, physician, medical provider (e.g., physicians assistant), or mental health professional who has provided long-term care to, or recently evaluated, the student.  Documentation must include a signed, completed Medical Withdrawal Documentation Form or a signed letter on letterhead from the provider including:

  • Diagnosis or Condition
  • Date of Onset of the Condition
  • Dates of Treatment
  • Prognosis
  • How the Condition Impacted the Student's Ability to Complete the Semester
  • Accommodation Needs for Returning Semester.

If a student is unable to upload supporting documentation through the application, it may be emailed to For assistance in scanning requested documents or questions regarding the medical withdrawal process, students may visit the Student Assistance and Advocacy Center in UC 3440 (Dean of Student's Suite) or call 903.565.5946. 


The application and all associated documents will be forwarded to the Medical Withdrawal Committee for review.  The Medical Withdrawal committee consists of licensed professionals from the Student Counseling Center, a representative from the Student Accessibility and Resources office, a representative from the Conduct and Intervention office, and a faculty member from the School of Nursing for review. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Students will receive an email notification at their Patriot email regarding the decision of the committee. Students may also be contacted by the Committee to request additional documentation or information prior to a decision being rendered.

Students whose requests are not approved by the Committee may appeal the decision to the AVP of Student Success and Dean of Students or their designee. 


Any supporting documentation will be considered confidential and treated as such by the Committee and will not be shared outside the Committee unless a special request has been made by the Provost or Provost’s designee on a need-to-know basis. The student’s written request for the withdrawal, all supporting documentation, and the committee’s recommendation will remain the responsibility of the Associate Dean of Students and will be stored in a secure database. For each approved application, the final recommendation will be forwarded to each office that must be involved in its processing, where related records will be retained as necessary. These offices may include the Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Enrollment Services, Student Business Services, International Programs, The Military and Veteran’s Success Center, and the academic department of the student’s major. If false information or documentation is provided as part of the application process the documentation will be provided to appropriate University officials.