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UT Tyler PASS Tutoring Center

All tutors at the PASS Tutoring Center meet high academic standards. Each tutor has received an A in the respective courses they tutor, has been recommended by faculty members and has maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Please review our schedule for subject tutoring times. When visiting the center, make sure to bring your textbook and any notes you may have, so the tutors can best serve you.

Mary Ozokwere, M.Ed.
PASS Tutoring Center Coordinator

Cortni Smith
PASS Tutoring Center Graduate Assistant

Jamal Henry
PASS Tutoring Center Graduate Assistant

Divya Antony
PASS Tutoring Center Graduate Assistant

PASS Tutors

Jamel: Accounting, Finance

Josh: Biology and Chemistry

Islombek: Calculus, Chemistry, Physics

Ryan: Engineering

Ali: Engineering

Caleb: Engineering

Dan: Nursing

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