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Dual Credit - PACE Program

What is the PACE Program?

The PACE (Partners in Academic Concurrent Enrollment) Program at The University of Texas at Tyler allows students the opportunity to earn dual credit for core academic courses that will transfer to all public institutions in Texas as well as many out-of-state institutions. Students are concurrently enrolled in both their high school and UT Tyler, and both institutions partner together to offer specific courses which are designed to fulfill requirements at the high school and collegiate level. Students who complete these courses are more prepared to transition into the college environment and gain the confidence and skills to succeed both academically and socially in college. Dual credit courses through the PACE program are taught using a variety of delivery methods with either the high school teacher or UT Tyler faculty as Instructor of Record.  

Who is eligible to participate and what courses are offered through the PACE Program?

UT Tyler currently partners with high schools throughout Texas to provide dual credit through the PACE Program. Students enrolled in partnering high schools are eligible to register for UT Tyler dual credit courses once a Memorandum of Understanding has been established between institutions.  Students are eligible to participate in the PACE Program regardless of grade level as long as they are enrolled in a partnering high school.

The PACE Program aims to provide quality university courses which fulfill Texas Core Curriculum Requirements.  Courses are currently available for consideration in the following academic areas:

  • History
  • Literature and Language
  • Government
  • Social/Behavioral Science 
  • Creative Arts
  • Life and Physical Sciences
  • Component Area Option Courses

 In addition, the following courses are available for consideration at Project Lead the Way certified high schools:

  • ENGR 1201: Introduction to Engineering (co-requisite: Principals of Engineering)
  • ENGR 1304: Engineering Graphics I (co-requisite: Introduction to Engineering Design)

Please visit Texas Project Lead the Way for more information regarding the Engineering opportunities for dual credit through the PACE Program.

Is there a difference between a dual credit course and a college course taught at UT Tyler?

The courses offered through the PACE program are required to meet the same course objectives and assessment requirements as UT Tyler courses.  Departmental faculty are involved every step of the way to ensure PACE courses are of the same quality and rigor as university courses.

How many college courses for dual credit may a student take in the PACE Program?

According to the Texas Administrative Code, students are no longer restricted in how many dual credit courses they are allowed to take each semester.  However, high schools may enforce institutional requirements for their students, and it is best to verify with the appropriate dual credit liaison at each high school to determine if any high school-specific requirements need to be met.

What benefits do dual credit courses offer to high school students?

Numerous studies show that completing dual credit courses increases the likelihood that students will graduate high school and persist in college. Students are able to experience the rigor of a college level course and a professor's expectations while still receiving the support, structure, and discipline that a high school provides. Completing college level courses in high school assists students with transitioning to a college campus, and since students are dually enrolled, they can take advantage of numerous on-campus resources to which native students can also access. Finally, due to the low cost of dual credit courses (typically a fraction of the cost per credit hour that a college student pays) and the high rate of transferability to other colleges and universities, dual credit students can potentially graduate sooner and with less debt than students who do not take dual credit.

What are the eligibility requirements to enroll in dual credit as part of the PACE program?

In order to enroll in dual credit at UT Tyler, students must be in the eleventh or twelfth grades and demonstrate college readiness by achieving the minimum passing standards under the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), or prove exemption/eligibility through alternative approved tests. The chart below indicates the approved tests and scores needed to prove TSI exemption/eligibility:

Exemption In:

Reading Exempt/Eligible

Writing Exempt/Eligible

Math Exempt/Eligible


English III Reading Level 2 (min. score of 2000) or STAAR (EOC) ENG II Reading Level 2 (min. score of 2000); if score is combined-4000

English III Writing Level 2 (min. score of 2000) or STAAR (EOC) ENG II Writing Level 2 (min. score of 2000); if score is combined-4000

Algebra II Level 2 (min. score of 4000) or STAAR (EOC) Algebra I Level 2 (min. score of 4000) with passing grade in Algebra II.


19 - English With 23 Composite

19 - English With 23 Composite

19 - Math With 23 Composite


500 - Critical Reading With 1070 Composite

500 - Critical Reading With 1070 Composite

500 - Math With 1070 Composite

SAT (after March 2016)

480 EBRW

480 EBRW

530 MATH

If students do not meet these exemption/eligibility requirements, they are required to take the TSI Assessment in any section needed to prove readiness for the dual credit course they wish to enroll in through UT Tyler. TSI Assessment minimum scores needed for each section are as follows:

TSI Complete-Reading

TSI Complete-Writing

TSI Complete-Math

351 Reading

5 essay or 4 Essay+363 Writing

350 Math


What is the cost to take dual credit courses in the PACE program?

Students enrolled in the PACE program will pay a fraction of the cost our degree-seeking students pay for courses.  Tuition varies based on delivery method of the courses.


Credentialed High School Teacher as

Instructor of Record

UT Tyler Faculty as

Instructor of Record 

$50 per credit hour
$99 per credit hour


Will my credits transfer to other colleges and universities?

Core Curriculum credits earned through UT Tyler's PACE Program are guaranteed to transfer to all public institutions in the state of Texas, and will most likely transfer to public institutions outside the state as well. If you are searching for colleges outside the state of Texas, it is recommended that you discuss any college credits earned with the Admissions Office at each institution.  

How is college level rigor assured in the dual credit classroom?

Courses offered through the PACE program are identical to college level coursework, so the assessment measures used to determine student success and preparedness are also mandated for dual credit courses.

Who pays for textbooks?

The cost of each UT Tyler dual credit course does not include the cost of the textbook. Each partnering high school should determine if the cost of the textbook should be the responsibility of the student or if the school corporation will cover textbook costs. UT Tyler will provide textbook information and providers to administrators during the early stages of the partnership so it can be communicated as early as possible to students.

How do I pay for my dual credit course(s)?

If the student is responsible for course payment, he/she will have access to pay for the course online through our student portal, otherwise known as MyUTTyler, pay by mail, or pay by phone to the Cashier's Office at 903.566.7227.

How will grades be reported for my dual credit course(s)?

Students will be able to access their grades through Blackboard as assignments are graded. Final grades will also be posted to Blackboard. Instructions on how to access Blackboard accounts will be given to students when they enroll in the course.

Can I drop or withdraw from my dual credit course?

Students can drop and withdraw from courses in accordance with University policy as long as they adhere to the UT Tyler drop/withdraw deadlines. In order to drop or withdraw from a course, appropriate paperwork needs to be completed and submitted to the Dual Credit Coordinator at UT Tyler. Please refer to the current UT Tyler Academic Calendar for specific deadlines.

I am interested in attending UT Tyler after graduation. Do I need to complete the application for admission again?

UT Tyler welcomes all students who participate in the PACE Program to explore the endless opportunities UT Tyler has to offer. If a student is interested in attending UT Tyler, he or she will need to complete a new application as a new, first-time freshman and follow our requirements for admission.

How do I request my official transcript to be sent to another college or university?

Once you have completed a dual credit course through UT Tyler, you can request an official transcript by submitting a request through the National Student Clearinghouse, or in person by visiting the Enrollment Services Center on campus (you must show a valid ID). If you would like to print out an unofficial copy of your transcript, you can access it through your MyUTTyler account, and you can visit the Office of the Registrar website for more instructions.

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