UT Tyler

UT Tyler University Staff Advisory Council

USAC Representatives

District 1
President's Office, Academic Affairs, Internal Audit, Legal Affairs, Government and Community Affairs, Cowan Center, Athletics, and HPC

  • Representative: Lindsay James
  • Alternate: Wilson "Kole" DeWoody

District 2
College of Arts and Sciences and Fisch College of Pharmacy

  • Representative1: Misty Holmes
  • Representative 2: Ashley Kurtz, at large
  • Alternate: MaryEllen Holland

District 3
College of Education and Psychology, Ingenuity Center, and University Academy

  • Representative 1: Sydni Blundell
  • Representative 2: Christian Chesnut
  • Alternate: Deb Ellis

District 4
Soules College of Business, College of Engineering, and Houston Engineering Center 

  • Representative: Janice Helfers
  • Alternate: RaeJean Griffin

District 5
College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Longview and Palestine

  • Representative: Marie Dullard
  • Alternate: Christina Chatman

District 6
Registrar and Graduate School

  • Representative: Brittani Riley
  • Alternate: Chelsea Crain, at large

District 7
OIP, Honors, Research and Scholarship, Library, Assessment, and Institutional Effectiveness 

  • Representative: Kristie Allen, at large
  • Alternate: Tamara Brown

District 8
Facilities Management and Environmental Health and Safety 

  • Representative 1: Bonnie Davis
  • Representative 2: Jimmy Spanko
  • Alternate: Chris Frydenlund

District 9
Compliance, Information Security, Financial Management, and Human Resources 

  • Representative 1: Sheila Darcey
  • Representative 2: Brista Kent
  • Alternate: Kayla Christianson

District 10
Emergency Management and University Police 

  • Representative: Richard Moore
  • Alternate: VACANT

District 11
Marketing and Communications, Enrollment Management, and Patriot Printing 

  • Representative 1: Greg Rawlinson
  • Representative 2: VACANT
  • Alternate: VACANT

District 12
Information Technology 

  • Representative: Amanda Lynn, at large
  • Alternate: Eric Figueroa

District 13
Student Success

  • Representative 1: Morgan Leever
  • Representative 2: Chris Cox
  • Alternate: VACANT

District 14
Career Success, Alumni Engagement, and Advancement/Development 

  • Representative: Francine Durr
  • Alternate: Sally Bouis






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