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Fall 2018 VA CH33 certification notice-Per VA Instructions click to read 

  1. Students who PHYSICALLY attend all courses at the Tyler campus.
    1. We will be able to certify you for Fall 2018 semester/sessions. Process should be normal
  2. Students who attend any class anywhere except the Tyler campus or there is a question about where you are attending.
    1. We cannot submit your Fall  2018 certification until instructed to do so by the VA.
    2. Tuition and BAH/stipend payments will most likely be delayed.
  3. This is to Implement Forever GI Bill changes.
    1. BAH will be based on where classes are physically taken.
    2. The VA Enrollment Certification Computer System has to be modified to account for different campus locations for each class.
  4. The VA Conference is 23-26 July
    1. We expect to learn there how this will work.
    2. We will update our website when we receive any information.
  5. CH.30, CH.35, and CH.1606  are not affected at this time

  6. CH. 31 VocRehab-Your VocRehab Councilor would be able to tell you if it will affect you.

 VA Rate of Pursuit

Webpage has been added to our website


The mission of the Veterans Resource Center is to provide individualized, relationship-centered support and advocacy in order to create a full-spectrum pipeline of information to help veterans and dependents navigate from the military to a career, while instilling the need to continue developing leadership abilities.

Here at the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) we help facilitate Veterans Education Benefits by accepting complete Applications, Certifying and Processing Veterans Educational Benefits for Veterans and Dependants-GI Bill/VocRehab/DEA.  We also accept Federal TA Forms and Hazlewood Applications.  All applications are reviewed for eligibility and completeness prior to us notifying you that its is complete.


Please note: All benefit applications/email communications

  • Must be Emailed from your UT Tyler Student Email Account
  • Attachments must be in PDF format to guarantee we can open, view and process your application
  • Must have all required documents sent together in one email 
    • No incomplete applications are accepted


What we offer:

  • Veterans Education Benefit Processing/Certification
  • Camaraderie
  • Computer with Scanner to submit you education benefit application
  • Lounge area with video games and TV
  • Place to network
  • Loaner textbooks and Study guides: GRE, GMAT, MCAT, SAT, ACT, etc
  • Place to network and Reservable meeting room for study/group projects
  • Coffee
  • Resume help
  • Employment through VA work study (GI Bill/Voc Rehab/DEA)
  • Peer-to-peer tutoring/mentoring
  • PTSD support
  • Connection to SVO officers
  • Student trips to conferences (SVA national conference)
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